[Dungeon World] Shakespearean Bond Triangles!

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I was bored at work, and couldn't think of anything for my game chef entry, and then thought "You know, Shakespearean dungeon crawling would be kind of fun." Then I thought, why reinvent the wheel, when I could just make a few new Bonds available to any PC in Dungeon World and call it a day? Here's some examples of what I'm talking about:

____ and I are in love, but I falsely suspect them of having an affair with my best friend, ____.

____ and I are in love, but must go to great lengths to keep it a secret from ____.

____ and ____ are my daughters, and I must decide which shall inherit the greater portion of my estate when I'm gone.

I am in love with ____, who in turn is unrequitedly in love with ____.

And, just for fun:

____ is my identical twin.

(Bonus points if the DM includes a love potion somewhere about halfway through the dungeon.)

Can we come up with some more?


  • Oddly enough, this is similar in some ways to what I'm currently thinking of for my Game Chef entry.
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    when I was titling my noodling thread in Praxis, I almost called it "a shakespearean dungeon crawl". My game's not exactly that, but it has elements.

    It's the legacy of our medium.

    I'm not sure how bonds work in DW (looks like Hx in AW?), but with those bonds, and some rules for creating Shakespearean Fronts & Threats, well, there you go.
  • In the right light, A Midsummer Night's Dream could be viewed as two parallel and complimentary dungeon crawls.

    Authoring relationships as bonds can be tricky, because it all needs to lock in place - if you choose "My two daughters", you've created an important fact that two other players need to integrate not only with you, but with each other.
  • I don't think Bonds that include relationships among other people work well, so I'd cut the "in love with X, who is in love with Y" down to "in unrequited love with X." And let that PC chain it on if they like.

    I like the other three-way ones though. They don't force a relationship (except possibly the sisters one, but "daughters" can be relaxed a bit and keep the bond working) between the two subjects, but create an implicit tension between them. It lines up nicely with the PC-NPC-PC triangles Vincent pushes for in AW. I think a page full of those with a few check boxes would make an awesome game skeleton.
  • Ahhh, these are great.
  • _____________ is the only one who knows you're actually a man/woman
    _____________ is the only one who knows about your horrible crime
    _____________ doesn't know you're actually their [] father/mother [] daughter/son [] spying rival
    _____________ recognizes you from before the amnesia
  • I'd never even thought about two blanks in the same bond! That's great. And of course the actual bonds are wonderful.
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