The World Begins With You.

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So, imagine that you're about to play a relatively standard-ish fantasy game. However, when you sit down to create characters, the world map is blank. What you pick for your race, class, and allegiances? Those choices are directly tied, mechanically, to the group mapping the world with cultural and racial groups, giving them social structures, and creating the politics of the world.

Here's an example of what I mean. So, if you decide to play a Jotunn, you then set up the basics of how the Jotnar are positioned in the world. Later on, if you decide to be a raider, you're also placing "who has raiders, and who do they steal from?". And even later, when the group puts in allegiances, you're all deciding together what the political structures of the world are.

This isn't for a specific game; it's just a proof-of-concept, to see what people think of this manner of handling this thing.

So, er, thoughts?


  • Sounds interesting. If I were to use a system like this, I'd want it to be filled with plot hooks aside from just map locations.

    Stuff like: when you play a Jotun, fill in a place for their ancestral lands, their new lands, and the group which drove them out of their ancestral home.

    Or: When you play a mage, fill in a place where their magic is accepted and cherished, and a place where their magic is hated or has ruined the land.
  • Used to do this all the time with HQ. Is good.

  • I have great expectations for this Apocalypse World hack of yours! ^___^
  • I love this idea. I used a draw the map at creation in my AW hack as well but tied to the group not the specific character.

    Giants RPG does the same sort of thing as well and On Mighty Thews has cool map connections to theme if you want ideas.
  • Yes! I really like this. I tried doing something like this back in the day with D&D but didn't have to right tools to do it. More recently I thought about using Caravan to this thing as well.

    I like your sample sheet! I want to know more.

  • A game I'm playtesting right now called "Sonata: The Fantasy of Wind and Light" has something that works sorta like this, but is based on pick-list rather than out-and-out creation. So, if you have the "Gravity Cross" power, you can decide what that means to you and, in turn, what it means to the world.

  • Posted By: akooserI like your sample sheet! I want to know more.
    Heh. There isn't any more, at present - there might be more in future, or might not; I dunno! The attribute/bonus thing I threw in is just me grabbing bits from my (constantly mutating) Elder Scrolls rip.
  • Here I was hoping for a "The World Ends With You" game. :)
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