Need a Japanese term

Summoning Andy and Ewen...and any Japanese martial arts enthusiasts:

For the Samurai rpg I'm working on, I need a game term for virtue. The definition of the term is the sum of all the character's positive traits values. Well, not exactly, but that's close enough without getting into the specifics of the rules.

So far Tokkou and Kudoku have been put forward.

I would especially appreciate any input from iado or kendo practitioners.


  • Tokkou (徳行) is basically "virtuous deeds". Like as in "Stuff you do that is (alignment) Good"
    Kudoku (功徳) is "pious deed".

    I'm thinking either TOKU 徳 (the straight-up word/kanji for Virtue), but more likely TOKKI (徳器), which is a rarer word but basically means "your talent/virtue" or ITOKU 威徳, which comes out to "virtue/influence".
  • Thanks a bunch!
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