[AW] LLLLLLET'S get ready to ROLFBALLLL!!!!!

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So Andy K told me this morning about this movie, The Blood of Heroes, which is apparently pretty great – the writer-director was involved in 12 Monkeys, Blade Runner and Unforgiven – and stars Rutger Hauer and Vincent D'Onofrio as post-civilization sportsmen, who of course are traveling across the wastes to the world championship of some insane hyper-violent minimal take on football. The small villages they travel through are honor-bound to play against them, and no matter who wins there's a big feast to honor them because the village is just so happy to have anything of any interest in their lives.

And as he's talking, I realize, shit, this is just a few playbooks away from an Apocalypse World game.

Figure there's a Captain playbook, kind of a mashup between the Touchstone and the Chopper? You'll need a Runner playbook of some sort – make the graphic from a photo of a jammer from some roller derby team. And probably also, rather than (or in addition to) sex moves, there are all kinds of moves for feasting with your opponents, or feasting in general. The rest I don't know. I'm undecided on exactly how the sport they play works, and whether it's called Apocalypse Ball or actually Rolfball.

What else we got?


  • That was a decent sci-fi flick. If you like miniature gaming I'd check out Two hour wargames Qwik, which basically copied this concept and made it into a tabletop minis game.
  • Looking for a roleplaying experience here, actually, albeit one that can at times approach the fine grain of a sports play-by-play. I have thought about using AW-ish moves as the rules system for a minis game, though. Maybe a hybrid approach?
  • It'd be awesome if there were two sets of playbooks: the ones that tell you about the characters, and the ones that tell you about the character's sporting career.

    So you have a Chopper, a Hocus and a Battlebabe.
    And then when you play Rolfball, you put those aside and take out your other playbooks: Runner, Captain and Chucker. And you play rolfball.

    That way, you could have basic moves & special moves dedicated to rolfball.
    Basic rolfball moves might be: When You Run The Field, When You Make a Long Pass, When You Take Someone Out. Something like that.

    Rolfball Playbooks could use an entirely different set of stats, since rolfball would be a distinct subsystem.
    Maybe: Speed, Strength, Endurance, Weird.

    Maybe each Rolfball playbook could be tied to an ideal AW playbook: The Runner could have "If you're a Battlebabe, add 1 to all spinning feints." Something.
  • Just so you know, boffer larpers have been playing Jugger for years.


    Apparently, people have started organizing leagues of it recently.

    They also call it Trollball sometimes, in fantasy settings.

    For Apocalypse World, I don't see a good reason to change the name from Jugger.

    When it's done with foam swords, there are different versions. Sometimes you have to smack the skull around, more like polo, instead of running with it. There are different ways of interpreting the weapons.

    Some actually try to create the big ol Chain weapon, apparently. I think that's insanely dangerous, personally.

    The movie is very fun. It's hilarious because it follows all the genre conventions of a sports movie (struggling team, gets a new player, trains hard but suffers losses, squeaks their way to a championship) and nearly ignores the genre conventions of a post apoc movie, except that there's a lot of dirt and leather and poor living conditions.

    Sex moves would definitely be of particular importance to a Jugger team.

    If you were simulating a game with dice, it's a low scoring game, like hockey or soccer. But it's played on a time limit, so scores can vary. A score of 1-2 is just as likely as a score of 3-4, but scores souldn't go much higher than that.

    An important part of playing Jugger is injuring the opponents. Going for pain that will effect the opponent later in the match is just as important of a strategy as going for the current point. So the minigame rules should emphasize that choice. This is especially true for the simpler teams who have maybe 1 or 2 subs. A primo team would have a deeper bench and be less susceptible to that strategy, which would be an important differentiator.

    Perhaps if you wanted to only have the PCs be the players, a player could have a special ability to have a sub that can play the rest of the match for them if they get injured. But the same roleplayer would continue to play as the sub. I don't know AW well enough to know whether that's a good idea, though.
  • OH! So thats what 'Salute of the Jugger' is (Oz name for thismovie).

    One of those B grade movies that you always see on the shelf and always pass by.
  • I'm pretty sure that "Rolfball" is totally a new sport in my next Apocalypse World game. "Let's get ready to Rolfball" is an amazing phrase I hope to use often.
  • Posted By: misubaAnd probably also, rather than (or in addition to) sex moves, there are all kinds of moves for feasting with your opponents, or feasting in general.
    Dungeon World has Carouse, which would work pretty well. Playbook-specific feasting would be interesting though.
    Posted By: RobMcDiarmidBut it's played on a time limit, so scores can vary.
    Countdown Clock!
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