[Go Play NW 2011] This weekend! Important details!

Hey, I've just made a new post on the Go Play NW site about Important Things to Know. It's got some info on where exactly we'll be (the Northwest Rooms, next to Key Arena on the corner of 1st Ave N and Republican Street), where the entrance is (the inner courtyard, no on-street entrance), where to park (the 1st Ave N garage is easiest), and where to eat, among other things.

Also, in case you're still wondering about printable tickets: there aren't any. It's a default setting for Eventbee that we apparently can't turn off. Don't worry about it, we've got you down on a list.

If you're still thinking about coming and did not register, we can still take people at the door.

This weekend! It's on!


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    That Seattle Center map is not great, so I made this to highlight the exact location a bit better.

  • I dunno John, that's still a little bit unclear. Maybe you could add like, some flashing lights or a nice animation?

    Also: so excited! I am printing out directions & coordinating Vancouver caravans as we speak!
  • Thanks John, for being not as lazy as I was. :-)
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    I am still going to get lost. I could survive the 7th level of Undermountain with a +1 dagger and a loincloth but I'll be damned if I don't have trouble navigating the real world.
  • Yeah, google maps with turn-by-turn navigation is the only reason I ever arrive anywhere.

    Thanks for the map, John! That'll help, too.
  • I'm sad that I leave to leave GPNW early on Sunday for the Rat City Roller Girls finals, but I'm happy that I only have to walk about 30 feet to do it.
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