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Inspired by this game:
Posted By: MatthijsCRITICAL HIT!

Every time your character does ANYTHING, roll for a critical hit.

1 You chop their head off!
2 HEART EXPLODES (roll to see who's heart)
3 No! You kill your mother instead! Or best friend, if mother isn't present.
4 Yes, and no! But!
5 You impale a limb and pin them to the wall!
6 Roll twice, choose result.
- and this example of play:
Posted By: MatthijsExample of play:

Bobby and Karen are playing a game set in our world, our time. Their characters are Gustav and Friedrich, brothers, in their eighties. Gustav and Friedrich are sitting on a bench in the park.

Bobby: "Gustav is feeding the pigeons." He rolls a 1: Chop their head off! The pigeons die.

Karen: "Friedrich looks at you and asks: Why did you do that, Gustav?" She rolls a 2: HEART EXPLODES. She rolls to see whose heart, and it's Friedrich's.

Bobby: "Gustav sees you keel over. He turns pale and bends over your dead body." He rolls a 6: Roll twice, choose result. Another 6! Then he rolls 2, 2, 3. Will he kill his best friend (mother isn't present), or have his heart explode? A TOUGH NARRATIVE CHOICE. He decides to kill his best friend. "I call up Johan and tell him Friedrich is dead. Johan can't take the news, and he dies!"

Bobby stays quiet for a while, to make sure his character lives a little longer. Then he goes into passive narration, because he's such a munchkin. "The funeral was small, modest and quiet. In a few years, the cure for old age was finally found. As time went by, Gustav felt younger and youn-"

Karen: "Hah! HE FEELS SOMETHING! That's an action!"

Bobby: "Oh crap." He rolls a die, and gets a 6. Followed by 1 and 5. "Who's 'they'? I'm alone in this scene!"

Karen: "That means it's YOU!"

Bobby: "Oh crap. Okay, I impale a limb and pin myself to the wall."

Karen: "And then what?"

Bobby: "I wait. Oh, that's an action too." He rolls a 3. "Um, I already killed my best friend. And my mother still isn't present."

They house rule it, and let him reroll. 2.


End of game.
- I propose for this thread to be dedicated to "table games" (that is: role-playing games with heavy emphasis on the use of critical hit tables and the like ...).

Make it playable!
(or at least fun to read)
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