Dr Who for a 10-year-old ?

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Oh, hello, have we done this? My daughter has been watching the latest season of Dr Who and is becoming a little proto-Whogeek. We have played some Trollbabe and some Sorcerer, and we are looking at Mouse Guard, and I mentioned that there was a Dr Who RPG. Possibly a mistake because now she is all fired up to play.

So I throw this on you, Story Games. How could I do Dr Who? I've thought about Primetime Adventures, but so far I haven't got any further. Give me your ideas!


  • I've got this Doctor Who parlor larp that I wrote for my wife's birthday. Beyond that, it really is more about "whatever most excites you and seems to fit right". You could use several existing games as-is or hack something else (Lady Blackbird, FATE, Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple) to do the job.
  • PTA sounds fine to me.
  • I ran the Doctor Who Adventures in Time and Space game for my eight year old. He loved it. It's a very easy game to learn, has an excellent initiative system (talking goes before shooting), and it's only six-siders. Of course, as a 4rd grader his reading level was that of a 6th grader, but you know. I like to assume kids are smart.

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    I second Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space as a great game to run for kids.

    That being said - Trollbabe could totally be hacked too. Especially if your daughter wants to play a Timelord or Timelady. They stand between us than the truly alien. I'd make the three traits Action, Ingenuity (Timelord Technology) and Talk. Frex:

    Timelady Roweena

    Number = 5

    Action 1-4, Speciality: Run!
    Ingenuity 6-10, Specialty: TARDIS Operations
    Talk 5-10, Speciality: Technobabble
  • Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space works OK. There's a new Matt Smith edition coming out soon.

    PTA might work.

    Honestly, I'd use FATE, or something similarly generic. The nice thing about FATE is the possibility of spending FATE points to establish things about the world, which is good for Doctor Who.
  • An interesting thing happened here. I asked her how she would like to play it – i.e. whether she would be the Doctor, another Timelord, a companion, etc. ... and she kind of lost interest after a bit of discussion. I'm not sure if it was too much choice, or if none of the choices were appealing upon closer inspection. Perhaps what she likes about Dr Who can't be captured in that way... ?
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    Have you considered trying Mythic GM Emulator? Not the whole RPG, just the Emulator ( and maybe Mythic GME: Variations).

    Yeah, I know, I plug the heck out of that thing, but run with it.

    Instead of playing single character roleplaying style, have the characters there and use the MGME to help what through the spontaneous story-building part.

    It let's you be a little bit character playish, a little GMish, and a little story-maker-ish, without dividing out the duties so much.

    She sounds like she already has a pretty good handle on what she likes about the Who-niverse, so why not just run with it? Plus, you get to flip-flop between all of that kinds of play too, which can be fun. Toss in some of Matthijs' very polite phrases from Archipelago ( and perhaps the Element Ownership as well), and you should be good to go.

    The reasoning behind my suggestion is both from my own good experiences using MGME with Elliot W, and from my experiences tryiong to play RPGs with my own daughter when she was a similar age.

    She had no particular interest in just playing a character, nor in just GMing, but was great when we experimented with styles that allowed a particpant to be both in varying amounts as the mood took them, and MGME is a great toolkit for exactly that sort of play.
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