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I don't know if it's the stylesheet I use or what but the first page of threads shows in a smaller font compared to the rest of the pages. Actually if I toy with the next/previous links I can make this first page show in the "normal" size.

So, when the url is http://www.story-games.com/forums/ it's quite small and gives me a headache


But when the url is http://story-games.com/forums/?page=1 it's a more readable size and sun shines on my life while cute fairies throw petunia petals on my head


I'm sorry if it sounds like nitpicking but it's annoying that I have squint and come closer to my screen when I peruse new threads to read. Maybe it's just this soulscape stylesheet that's fucked up, I don't know.


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    Maybe the zoom function on your browser? I use Chromium on Ubuntu and I've had the zoom function go a little wonky on me before. One side effect being it will keep some urls at a different font size than others. It was actually doing this to me on the forum page for SG, so that's why I mention it.
  • I couldn't reproduce with IE...

    I like Chrome.

  • Try pressing ctrl+0 on the page with the too-small font.
  • I use the default style ("Jazzman"), and when I increase the size of the text in my Chrome browser window with "Ctrl + MouseWheelUp", the tabs become larger as well.

  • It comes and goes. Weird shit doesn't make sense. I'll live with it :)
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