[Apocalypse World] Horrible idea...how to do miniatures combat?

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So I have been thinking of running Apocalypse World, but I have this possibly horrible idea of possibly using miniatures for it. Anyone got any ideas?


  • There's really no reason I can think of that you couldn't use miniatures for Apocalypse World. What you probably don't want to do is use a grid for Apocalypse World. AW is all about fictional positioning. Adding an abstraction like a positioning grid would clash with that. If you're doing something in your game that's all about multilpe agents on a complicated battlefield and their relationships to one another, then minis might be useful. Just remember that whether or not some guy is "in cover" or "behind you" or whatever is based on moves, not where thye are on the table.

    Now if you're talking about hacking AW to make use of minis, that's a very different story. I can envision an AW hacked version of Car Wars, Warhammer, Mordheim, or any number of minis games. That could be pretty awesome, actually.
  • Right now it is just a really side of the side sort of project idea. Basic idea I have so far is that players have to make a move to ..uh... move, which would change there zones. And you must be in said zone to make the "Plot McGuffin" victory move.

    So one person might need to be "By the door", and another "By the car" , and if someone gets past the guy by the car then the dude by the door will fail. A very simple example, and maybe not a very good one, but what I am thinking of. And the damage clock could also be represented by the number of mook mini's on the zone.
  • I often use little ugly maps with arrows draw on them during big battles. I don't see why mini's could be used instead.
  • Well, say what your prep demands and make the world seem real, right? Minis could help with that. "Man, I'm not sure if you can do that from where you're standing without getting past all these dudes, somehow? How are you gonna do that?"
  • Posted By: thadrineSo one person might need to be "By the door", and another "By the car" , and if someone gets past the guy by the car then the dude by the door will fail.
    Sounds like you want to introduce a mini-game into the session. Could you accomplish the same thing with a couple custom moves? For example:
    When you use your car as a barricade while your buddy works his magic, roll+hard. On a 10+, no one gets past you. On a 7-9, immediately interfere with your buddy. On a miss, take +2 forward and immediately interfere with your buddy.
  • We have used bucketloads of miniatures playing Dungeon World. They are just another mapping/positioning tool that happens to be extra colorful and fun.
  • Except for the part were the players forget what they are doing five seconds after they do it, and then argue about where they are and what they are doing.

    Also, we all like more fiddly bits in our games.
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