Last(?) "RPG Book Club" attempt: May-June 2011: MICROSCOPE

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Hey all, not as much momentum/interest/involvement as I would have hoped (even from myself!), but since a few people asked I figured we'll give it one more shot to see how it goes. The game this round was one suggested by a previous participant, and heck it was high on my own list too, so figured on busting it out.

When: From NOW until the end of June: 8 weeks. That should be more than enough time to learn the rules and organize a session.

Details: "The RPG Club". Play at least one session of one game (more if you can/want to), then discuss the results here.
Half the effort is organizing and engaging in play. The other half is discussing with others what you did/didn't like about the game, how your session went, etc.
STEP ONE: Locate/Purchase the game. It is readily available in PDF and print at Indie Press Revolution: Direct Link to Lame Mage Productions at IPR
STEP TWO: Play the game, at least once.
STEP THREE: Start a group discussion of the game in a new thread.

I imagine a single "RPG Book Club: Microscope" thread, where people go in and post their thoughts, before (reading) or after they actually play the game.

STEP FOUR (optional): If you had fun, keep playing.

STEP FIVE (very optional): Review the game in its own "The Game Report" (category) thread.

Thoughts or discussion on the actual "RPG Book/Game Club" activity, feel free to post here. Especially on ideas regarding gathering momentum/interest.

One last shot to see if this has any legs: If not, I'm more than happy on letting it die on the vine after this last round.



  • My group played last week for the first time; I've decided that's close enough, so I'm in.
  • In, I've been wanting to play again.
  • Sweet. Hell if there's already three folks in, then it's a Thing. Stickying.

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    And here's the discussion thread for reading/playing, folks:


  • I'm working on playing! Bought both versions, read it through and made copious notes. Identified enthusiastic participants. Now I just have to find a night when I don't have a conflict to play!
  • Deal. I'll try to do this again, haha.
  • I'm locked in to facilitate Microscope at Camp Nerdly. Looking forward to it!

  • Planning to pick up Microscope this Friday and run it via PbP on one of the gaming forums that I'm a regular on. Should be a hoot.
  • I just signed up to run Microscope at the next JiffyBoston. I hope I get to run it before then, too.
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    Just hosted a game of Microscope this evening when I ran out time to prepare for my regular game. It was my first face-to-face session and a heck of a lot of fun. I'm working an After Play report right now.

    EDIT: The AP will have to wait until later, but I've transcribed the index cards to a corkboard here:
  • AP and comments from our first go 'round here.
  • Warring Clans of Cajun Elf Ninjas: AP is here (forgot to mention it before).
  • Killing the Gods and Space Robots: here
  • Just for historic record: My AP and more notes were in the big "Does anybody Not Like Microscope?" thread:

  • It was fun to read Microscope and good to support the creator even if I wasn't able to play this month. I'd love to see this continue. Since I'm realitvely new to the SG forums, I don't know what the previous subjects were or what the nomination process is for the next cycle.
  • I'll be running Microscope again this Saturday, 6/25, at JiffyBoston. I'm really looking forward to it!
  • Posted By: zircherI don't know what the previous subjects were or what the nomination process is for the next cycle.
    We did:
    Achipelago II (free)
    METROPOLE LUXURY COFFIN (no players) (free)

    I've got a big idea for the next cycle (July-August) based on overwhelming feedback from people and participants in previous threads. But I'll ask here again just to see if the sands have shifted:

    What is 1-2 games that you would like to see featured for RPG Book Club? Please WHISPER ME in this thread your thoughts.

  • I played Microscope five times in the last sixty days but posted little about it. (Ever onward to the next game!)

    But here's a thread on RPGnet that deserves some attention from people who participated in the RPG book club this last couple months and want to share their bookends/seeds.
  • Okay, due to popular demand during this and the last few polls, the Game of July-August is KAGEMATSU.

    Will post a new thread shortly.
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