Fiasco Playset - The Lost Room

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This should write itself, but I don't have that object.

Anyone got ideas for what could go into a Fiasco playset that felt like The Lost Room, without all of the heroism? Petty people needing objects to be special seems like a barrel of fun to me!

For the unitiated: IMDB Wikipedia

Ideas off the top of my head ...
Desire: To recover a stolen Object
Relationship: Former and Current Owners
Need: To collect a particular set of Objects that will combine to grant clairvoyance


  • If you need some ideas for objects, check out the old Pop n' Locke thread.
  • Manna Hotel comes pretty close already. It's not quite there, but if you introduced it to the grohp as "We're gonna play the Lost Room using The Manna Hotel" then you might get toward what you're going for.
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