Apocalypse World Review?

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We would really like to review this game in Fight On! #12. If anyone would like to write a review just send it my way at calithena@gmail.com, or post here if you have questions. Ideally within a page or so. We are also amenable to re-publishing already published reviews, esp. if it's what you can get, so if you have any links or suggestions I would take them. Thanks!


  • Sean, I'd be interested in doing this (having played the game a lot and in the middle of running it right now), but I'm totally not a part of the old school renaissance scene and don't really know how to pitch such a game to your readers. That said, if you'd still be interested in a review from me and don't get offers you like better, let me know.
  • J-Walt is far better for reviewing than me, but I'm going to shamelessly plug my own work and say OSR folks might also be interested in Dungeon World, a.k.a. Apocalypse World + D&D.
  • That looks pretty sweet. I am excited that AW appears to be generating a lot of fan enthusiasm and DIY stuff, and of course I have a bit of a thing for dungeons.

    I want this review for issue 12 especially because James M. Ward (Metamorphosis Alpha, Gamma World) is the dedicatee, so it seems a propos.

    Anyway, I'd love a review from Jonathan or anyone else! Thanks for the replies. Jonathan, I dropped you a line with some more info.
  • Is there a deadline for this? When does issue 12 go to press?
  • Apocalypse World is the best RPG I give it all the points.
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