[Camp Nerdly 2011] Special Events

This thread will be devoted to the special events taking place at Camp Nerdly. The original thread is here.

The three events that I know will happen or have been requested to me are below. Please chime in if you have a desired special event! It can be as simple as Fresh Baked Gluten Free Cookies on Saturday or as complex as a Multi-stage LARP to be played in between sessions. Basically, anything other than the standard meals, chores and regular gaming slots should be talked about here!

Food/Beverage Swap

Games and Miscellaneous Swap

Talent Show


  • Late night cookies on Saturday, or alternately the healthier alternative, popcorn.

    Misc swap is usually fun.

    Talent show: I'm afraid I ruined this one several years ago. :-) But if people want to sing/play instruments/dance while we eat dinner on Sat, I'd be for that!
  • I wonder, there's been some talk on here about doing a GM interview short. Is anyone interested in hosting or participating in such a thing? A panel of different style game masters answering some pre-written questions, duration 20 minutes?

    Also, Ganakagok under the stars or The Mountain Witch in costume would be totally awesome. If there are any takers.

    I'm willing to throw down on any of this, so long as I'm not the only one.

    (Are these off-base? Topics for another thread?)
  • I would totally want to do Ganakagok under the stars. Last time, we heard rumors of a Ganakagok LARP in the hours before dawn. I didn't make it down that year, and I don't know if anybody else went through with it, but that still interests me.

    I don't know if these count as "special events" or not, but I proposed a hike before my game of the Fifth World. It uses places you know, so if people who want to join us want to take a hike beforehand, we can use the places we hiked through in the game. My wife proposed a game of Calvinball.
  • My "special event" is a collaborative fantasy game design session. The only rule at the start is: "Every designer must agree on any change to the rules."
  • I can't wait to make a heartbreaker, Adam! Rock on.
  • We will probably totally fail at this endeavor. Design by committee has a pretty poor track record. ;) But it will be fun, and that's my main goal. I suspect designer types may walk away from it with a nagging sense of dissatisfaction and a bevy of new ideas, both of which are great inspiration for design.
  • Can anyone help?

    Should I run my Dogs game (advanced characters and significantly more powerful supernatural presence) o


    Grey Ranks (hope filled teeth gnashing in WWII Warsaw)

  • Grey Ranks! I can guarantee at least two players who really want to play that. One of them is me.
  • Don, if you're asking, "Who can run events?" the answer is, "everyone should come with a plan to run something, anything, even if it's not a gaming event." Also plan not to actually run your event that you have planned.

    Also be sure to check out the list of games on the Nerdly wiki to get an idea what you might want to play in!
  • Oh, you're asking for help deciding stuff. Put both events on the wiki and see who signs up for what. That's how I decide what to run!
  • If anyone has a copy of Necropolis (The Savage Worlds supplement) they are willing to sell/trade, please bring with. I have a friend that wants it and can't find it locally.
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