Announcing a Contest for Random Tables!

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Fight On! and Magician’s Manse are Proud to Announce -

A Contest for Fantasy Gaming Tables!

Entry Deadline: May 31, 2011

Send your random tables via email with the header TABLES to tombowings at gmail dot com!

Rules: Maximum 3 tables per entrant, OR 2 tables per entrant if either or both of them are ‘multiple tables’ tables (e.g. a connected set of dungeon or wilderness tables).

For some gamers, there is nothing – not even a good ruleset – that beats a good collection of random tables. So we’ve decided to run a contest to put one together!

By submitting your table, you give us permission to re-print that table in the upcoming Fight On! Big Book of Tables (or whatever we eventually decide to call it). You continue to own your own table and all rights to it other than our right to publish it in various iterations of that book and may re-use or re-publish it elsewhere as you see fit. Likewise, tables you have already published elsewhere may be submitted to this contest so long as you still have the rights to them to give to us to publish in this way.

We are looking for overall quality, game-usability, creativity, better mousetraps, and/or gonzo! Our Judges include S. John Ross, Jeff Rients, Tim Kask, Paul Czege, and Ian Burns, as well as Ignatius Umlaut of Fight On!


Grand Prize
: 1 Roll on the Gold Table, 1 Roll on the Gems & Jewelry Table, 1 Roll on the Magic Items Table, a Trade Paperback Copy of Roll the Bones, and a set of Dwarven Metal Dice provided by DEI Games (

Second Prize: 1 Roll on the Gold Table, 1 Roll on the Gems & Jewelry Table, and 1 Roll on the Magic Items Table

Third Prize: 1 Roll on each of any Two Different Tables Below (your pick)

First Honorable Mention: 1 Roll on the Gems and Jewelry Table or the Magic Table (your pick). All prizes except FHM guaranteed; we will use this category for entries that were extremely painful to exclude from the top three.

Honorable Mention: All honorable mentions and all prizewinners above will receive a free PDF copy of the Fight On! Big Book of Tables (when it comes out) and a free PDF of a randomly determined issue of Fight On! magazine! And we intend to give Honorable Mention to ALL submitted tables meant for eventual inclusion in the Big Book of Tables, so there will be a lot of these prizes to go around!

All product prizes below are provided by Fight On! and do not represent the endorsement of or cooperation with the authors, publishers, or manufacturers of said products, although we like them all and think they’re cool guys.

Gold Table (d100) - USD:
01-25 $25
26-50 $50
51-75 $75
76-95 $100
96-99 $250
00 $500

Gems & Jewelry Table (d100) – only one of each, rolled in order of prize received:
01-30 About 30 or so mostly unpainted old-time Grenadier minis, mostly from the Dungeon Explorers and Tomb of Spells Sets
31-40 Beautifully Painted Owlbear, Otyugh, and Ogre Mage Minis (sculptor unknown, but I think they’re old-tyme)
41-50 Provocatively Painted Marilith and Succubus (Marilith is Reaper, not sure about Succubus)
51-60 Battle Scene 1: 4 Beautifully Painted Crocodile Games Wargods of Hyperborea Wendigo (Yeti) Warriors versus 6 Well Painted Privateer Press Hordes Everblight Archers and Swordsmen
61-70 Battle Scene 2: 4 Excellently Painted Tom Meier Thunderbolt Mountain Elves on Foot versus 4 Excellently Painted Tom Meier Thunderbolt Mountain Orcs
71-75 Battle Scene 3: 3 Excellently Painted Tom Meier Thunderbolt Mountain Elves on Horseback versus 3 Excellently Painted Emperor’s Choice Miniatures Goblin Grey Knights Mounted on Air Sharks
76-85 Against the Giants 1: Exceptionally Painted Otherworld Miniatures Hill Giant and Stone Giant
86-95 Against the Giants 2: Well Painted Ral Partha Frost Giant and Cave Giant
96-99 Random Dwarven Forge Custom Dungeon Piece: 1 Wall of Fire Short Passage, 2 Moss & Fungus L-Shaped Passage with Mushroom, 3 4x6 Cerberus Fountain Floor Piece, 4 Room Corner with Banner and Crystal Ball. (May reroll if you don’t use DF.)
00 Beautifully Painted Complete Ral Partha Wasteland Raider Set

Magic Items Table (d100) – all are physical print copies:
01-03 $50 donation to Friends of Starship Warden in your name
04-06 Apocalypse World
07-09 Arduin: World of Khaas Worldbook (First Hardback Printing, OOP)
10-12 Backswords & Bucklers AND Ruins & Ronin
13-15 Book of Ebon Bindings
16-18 B/X Companion
19-21 Carcosa
22-24 Charnel Crypt of the Sightless Serpent
25-27 Dragons at Dawn
28-30 Drowning and Falling AND Elfs
31-33 Dungeon Alphabet
34-36 Empire of the Petal Throne (HOG Reproduction)
37-39 Encounter Critical
40-42 Exquisite Corpses
43-45 Fight On! Magazine, 1d6 Randomly Determined Print Issues
46-48 Grinding Gear AND Weird New World
49-51 How to Host a Dungeon
52-54 Inferno: 1980
55-57 Majestic Wilderlands
58-60 Miscellaneum of Cinder AND Ye Olde Book of Spells
61-63 Mutant Future
64-66 My Life with Master
67-69 Mythmere’s Adventure Design Deskbook I and II
70-72 Necropolis (Necromancer Edition), autographed by Gary Gygax, slightly used
73-75 Petty Gods (if it is out, otherwise Cursed Chateau)
76-78 Realm of Crawling Chaos
79-81 Secret of Smuggler’s Cove AND Skull Mountain
82-84 Sorcery & Super Science
85-87 Spellcraft & Swordplay
88-90 Stonehell Dungeon
91-00 Trade Paperback copy of Roll the Bones AND Roll Again, ignoring results of 91-00

So what are you waiting for? Let’s see your tables!


  • What a great contest!
  • I have a set of random scenario generation tables that I came up with for Robots & Rapiers. Its one set of connected tables, but its quite a few of them.

  • Valamir -

    Yes, absolutely! The only thing is that with sets of interconnected tables you are limited to two entries rather than three. But we'd love to see those!
  • Are the tables meant to be specific to a game system or generic for any fantasy?
  • Rich -

    Genre, type of game situation to be used in, etc. are more or less completely open. If they are highly specific to a given rule-set or setting we will still look at them, but my guess is that the pretty diverse group of judges will include some people who may not know that particular system/setting, which will likely hurt your chances of getting a prize. Hard to be sure, though...whisper or drop me an email if you are looking for more specific advice!
  • Submitted.
    Its 27 pages with 41 tables so I'll limit myself to just 1 entry :-)
  • love this =)

  • image

    the is my entry

    did i win?
  • Since I already wrote the Toolbox and Ultimate Toolbox (collectively over 2,000 tables for fantasy games), I'd like to know if you intend to start where those left off? Are you duplicating some of the work done there? Or is this just a fun book of fun tables devoid of collected themes?
  • It's a collection of Jim Tables!
    Places to meet Jim
    Meals Jim will eat
    Glasses that Jim wears

    Oh, and...
    Love you bro!
  • 1d20 Place to Meet Jim
    1-19 My apartment
    20 Shower

    1d20 Meals Jim Will Eat
    1-19 You pay
    20 Free food

    1d20 Glasses Jim Wears
    1-20 Just got a new pair of converse frames to go with my new lenses

    1d20 Ways Jim is going to Kick Matt's Ass
    1-19 In front of his kids
    20 On pay per view
  • BWAHAHAHA! image
  • Submitted. Fun idea!
  • Awesome! I am looking forward to seeing what people come up with. Jim, you can never have too many tables, if you want to submit three gonzo favorites from your books or elsewhere we'd love to check them out!
  • Just wanted to bump this one more time, with a week and a half to go. Thanks for your interest!
  • Winners of the Fight On! Random Tables Contest have been announced. They are:

    Honorable Mention:

    Planet Exploration Table, Chris Willrich
    Magnificent Lagan, Jeff Wilcox
    Exotic Intoxicants, Patrick Wetmore
    100 Character Backgrounds, Anthony Werenberg
    20 Random Alchemical Accidents, Buzz Tilford
    Wandering Harlot Table, Adam Thornton
    Defective Scroll Effects and
    Sewer Features and Hazards, Bill Staeven
    Incidents and Events in Town, Joel Sparks
    Random Bag of Holding Contents and
    Gladiators, Ricardo Signes
    Broodings of the Barbarian, Jason Sholtis
    30 Close Combat Concentration Breakers, Matthew Schmeer
    Battle Scars and Sequelae, Igor Vinicius Sartorato
    How to Make a Random Table, Scott W. Roberts
    50 Things That Might Be Found In A ‘Dungeon Town’ Curio Shop and
    Vile Poisons and
    50 Things Found In A Fantasy Villain’s Lair, Richard Rittenhouse
    Who Is That Drunkard? and
    What the Prostitute Knows, Jim Richmond
    Random Bar Encounters, Lawson Reilly
    Random Cause of Death, Mr. Reaper
    Exploring the Crags, Marc Pavone
    100 Random Starting Items for Beginning Characters and
    100 Odd, Level-Inappropriate, and Random Treasure Items, Gene Palmer
    30 Sprite Curses, Mike Monaco
    20 Unexpected Customs and Laws and
    20 Reasons for Stuck Doors, Gary McCammon
    Random Pirates & Buccaneers, Dyson Logos
    Traumatic Adolescent Background Generator, Samuel Kisko
    Elves, Kesher
    Random City Generator, Nicholas Kariya
    Random Secret Door Clues, Adam Flynn
    Monster Motivations, Conrad W. Deitrick
    Multiversal Table: We Ended Up Where?, Michael David Jr.
    The Crate in the Back of the Hold and
    Customize Your Mutant and ,
    Alchemist’s Ale, David Coleman
    Magic Weapon Table, Courtney Campbell
    Curious Curative Corollary, BIU_sKrEEm
    Falls Down A Pit, Lee Barber
    Slum Encounters and
    Weird Things In Rooms, Al

    Special Honorable Mention:

    The Dungeon is Trying to Eat You! Best Of, Remix!, James A. Smith
    What’s in that Hole?, Matthew Schmeer
    Drink Me, Eat Me, Mr. Reaper
    Swashbuckling Adventure Generator, Ralph Mazza
    Rudingoz, Patrice Crespy

    Elite Honorable Mention:

    Ruins, Joe Wetzel
    What’s Happened To Those Dead Bodies You Left In The Dungeon Yesterday?, Roger S. G. Sorolla
    Character Generation, Alex Schroeder and Adrian Shieh
    Magical Research Results, Gavin Norman
    Dwarves, Kesher
    Exotic Traps, Aaron

    Third Prize:

    One Page Monster Manual, Paolo Greco

    Second Prize:

    Quick Hex Contents Generator, Al

    Grand Prize:

    Feast, Samuel Kisko

    If you are interested in what they won and more details, they can be found here:

    Thanks very much to all our contestants and judges for a superb contest. Fight on!
  • Were they/ will they be published in an issue? If so which one(s) please?
  • If anyone wants to convert these to Omnihedron's random table format, I will host the result.
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