Fight On! #11 Now Available in Print and PDF!

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Watch out! Fight On! is back with another full issue, packed to the rafters with 3 big dungeons, classes, races, rules options, monsters, spells, magic items, tables, how-to articles for new kinds of adventure, comics, two self-contained minigames, and a superabundant sideboard of succulent supplements to get your party started down the road to adventure! Dedicated to Greg Stafford and his legendary campaign of Glorantha, this issue features art and articles by Mark Allen, Kelvin Green, Baz Blatt, Jason Vasché, Gabor Lux, James A. Smith, Jeff Rients, Erin Bisson, David Coalman, Jason Sholtis, Jennifer Weigel, Erol Otus, Steve Marsh, Geoffrey O. Dale, Lee Barber, John Hitchens, Scott LeMien, Fat Cotton, Ndege Diamond, Peter Schmidt Jensen, Kesher, Patrick Farley, Ed Heil, John Larrey, Tim Snider, Carlos Torreblanca, and many, many more! Don't be caught out without your broadsword and blaster ready - Fight On!

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Table of Contents
Level Limits & Monstrous Protagonists (John Vogel) 3
Sylvan Elves (Scott Moberly) 4
Vampire: The Delve (Calithena) 5
Sword Priests of Humakt (Baz Blatt) 7
Ducks, Dragonewts, & Draala (Jason Vasché & Cal) 10
The Barbarian King (Gabor Lux) 14
Knights & Knaves (Kristen Lee Knapp) 25
Have Sword – Will Travel! (James A. Smith) 27
Scrolls Gone Wild! (John Laviolette) 28
Grognard’s Grimoire (Baz Blatt) 29
Tables for Fables (Age of Fable) 30
…and three more: (Jeff Rients) 32
Creepies & Crawlies (Erin “Taichara” Bisson) 34
Caverns of the Sea Hag (David Coleman) 37
Education of a Magic-User (Douglas Cox) 44
Doxy, Urgent Care Cleric (J. Linneman & K. Green) 45
Sir Tendeth (Tim “Sniderman” Snider) 46
Artifacts, Adjuncts, & Oddments (Erol Otus, Jason Sholtis, Jennifer Weigel, & John Hitchens) 52
Cavern Adventuring (Calithena) 54
Of Dungeons Dreaming (Sean Wills) 57
Twelve Free-Standing Tombs (Geoffrey O. Dale) 58
Pernicious Undercroft of Dark Matrimonies (L. Barber) 61
Handy Tables for Hexcrawling (Alexey Fotinakes) 63
On Fantasy Chronography (Del Beaudry) 67
Heroquests (Steve Marsh and Calithena) 70
The Darkness Beneath (Matthew Riedel) 72
Bust-up at the Moon and Parrot (Baz Blatt) 81
Doomquest (Scott LeMien) 86

Front cover by Mark Allen ( Back cover by Kelvin Green ( Fight On! logo by Jeff Rients. Greg Stafford photo by Suzanne Courteau. Interior art and cartography by Fat Cotton (3,30,70), Alja Škutchanová (4), Peter Schmidt Jensen (5,36,56), Swords & Wizardry/Frog God Games ( 6,68), Kesher (8,11), Black Blade Publishing ( 9,33), Jason Sholtis (10,35), Ndege Diamond (13,19,58,74,81), Jason Vasché (13), Gabor Lux (15,16,21), Patrick Farley (electricsheep 22), OSRCon ( 24), Mark Allen (25,26,53,54), Bronze Age Miniatures ( 26), Lawrence Raymond (27), Hudson Bell (31,60), Jennifer Weigel (32,47,52), Ed Heil (34,51), Claude Monet (37), David Coalman (38,42,48), John Larrey (39,64), Douglas Cox (44), Kelvin Green (45,49,88), Tim “Sniderman” Snider (46), DEI Games (, 46), Carlos “Celurian” Torreblanca (53,57,76), Spellbook Games ( 59), Lee Barber (61,62, Creepies & Crawlies logo, Knights & Knaves logo), Robert S. Conley ( 72), Matthew Riedel (75), Scott LeMien (79), Baz Blatt (82,83), and Anthony Stiller (84).

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Fight On!



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    I should probably note, since there are likely to be some serious Gloranthaphiles around these parts, that there is no Heroquest and very little BRP/Runequest content in this issue. There are several articles which deal with Gloranthan concepts in a variety of manners, however.

    But the issue should be a lot of fun anyway.
  • Say, Sean, I just noticed that I don't know about your further publishing plans: will there be a hardcover compendium of issues 9-12 when you get that many out like there are/were of issues 1-4 and 5-8? I got those hardcover compendiums, and wouldn't mind waiting for the chance to get the new issues in that format as well.

    I'm also noticing a definite lack of Forge regulars among the contributors. I clearly have no choice but to write something for the next issue myself.
  • Eero, we would love something from you. You are right that this issue is low on Forge regulars and veterans compared to some others - the only two I spot offhand are me and Kesher.

    'Plans' overstates anything we do around here but...I imagine there will be more hardcover releases someday. I will certainly keep folks around here posted when that happens.
  • Also, since they come around here sometimes - I haven't forgotten certain vague, tantalizing, and desperately welcome suggestions of possible articles from a couple of other fellows around here...Durhamites I believe....
  • Oh! Apparently you can save 20% off this or any lulu order right now with the code SPRINGREAD!
  • Hey Story Gamers! I would really like someone to review Apocalypse World for Fight On! #12. Any takers, email me my user name at Thanks for your consideration!
  • There are hardcover compendiums? Not seeing 'em on the Lulu.
  • Hi Buzz -

    The hardcover compendiums are special release items for contests and such, they aren't normally on offer. We're thinking about making a softcover compendium of 1-4 available as a permanent item since we're entering our fourth year of production now and we don't want new people to the mag to always have to buy all 11+ separate issues if they get hooked. Plus it would make a cool item. But we haven't done that yet. Thanks for your interest!
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