My rule is cooler than your rule

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My Owlbear Challenge game You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do now includes the rule, "On a roll of 1 through 5, upper management sends a disapproving email. On a 6, someone's arm gets ripped off."

Just saying.


  • Rad.

    Also: Swap those result ranges.
  • Nah. Gotta keep 'em sweating.

  • Exactly. What's going to make them sweat more - a little physical trauma, or upper management getting involved??
  • No. The point is the threat of trauma is scarier than constant repetition of trauma.

    (Up to a point. Then the fact that you have to keep having meetings anyway is scarier. Rats, now I have to rethink this after all.)

  • I dunno. How many arms do you have?

  • I guess either two arms or two wings?

  • Can I mix and match?
  • It doesn't say your arm gets ripped off. Just someone's arm. The potential for arm loss is infinite.
  • Who's doing the ripping? If someone is pinned to the boardroom table while CEOs discuss losses in stock portfolios and take turns winding the chains on the rack, that's some horror movie shit, yo.
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    The ripping is done offstage. Company owlbears don't like to mix their baser natures with business. Except that, you know, they do, but they like to pretend they don't.
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