Indie Hurricane PDX March 24-27! Run games, play games!

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So, Indie Hurricane! the self-published gaming delegation for the greater Portland area's Gamestorm convention, is coming to the Hilton Vancouver at the end of March. If you'd like to be a part of it, now's the time!

March 6 is the date to watch--it's the deadline for preregistration AND for events to be listed in the program book. If you'd like to be involved, here's what to do:

Want to come and play? Head over to and register. Then go to the schedule page login with OpenID. Look for games in the Indie Hurricane! track with the pink bar, and sign up to play! (if a game is full, you'll go on a waiting list.)

Want to come and run games? Do the above, and click "Submit a Proposal." Fill out the fields, click the pink Indie Hurricane! track, and request a time slot. The time blocks for scheduling Indie Hurricane! games are:

Morning games 10am - 1pm (3hrs)

Lunch/Panels 1pm - 2pm

Afternoon games 2pm - 6pm (4hrs)

Dinner/Panels 6pm - 7pm

Evening games 7pm - Midnight (5 hrs)

If you have a game that's shorter than the block you want, that's fine. It can either start late or end early. Note that there is no Morning block on Thursday the 24th, and no Evening block on Sunday the 27th.

Want to come and sell your own games? The Indie Hurricane! table in the dealer hall is available for your use, free of charge! The dealer staff will be versed in your game provided you email me (storybythethroat AT gmail DOT com) so we can send you a questionnaire for your game(s) for our Booth Menu. If you'd like to work a shift or three at the booth yourself, that's wonderful as well!

Feel free to discuss what you're playing/running here, or drop by the Go Play PDX forums to tell us you'r coming. Remember, the deadline for program buzz and pre-reg savings is March 6, in just one week! Come make the Hurricane a monsoon!*


*I know nothing about hurricanes or monsoons.


  • Yeah, you should all come! I'll run Anima Prime and maybe Beast Hunters: Bloodcarved Edition, though I haven't scheduled the slots yet. I'll also bring Wrath of Ashardalon for some (relatively) quick board gaming in between.
  • I'm planning on coming down for this. Last year was a riot.

    Don't know what I'll play, my plans never line up with what really happens so I think I'll just be winging it again this year.
  • I'm thinking I'll probably make it, bringing the newest hottest versions of Dungeon World and Powers For Good.
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    So wait ... is it in Vancouver or Portland?

    EDIT: Ah, I see, there's a Vancouver next to Portland. Huh.
  • Sweet, guys! Be great to see you and play with you!

    If you're planning to run games, register some sessions in the schedule system before March 6th and they'll be in the program book!

    That is, assuming you (for whatever value of you) don't decide to wing it. :)
  • Jamie, it used to be in Portland. For the last few years they've held it in Vancouver WA for tax reasons, and just call it the "Greater Portland Area." :P
  • Posted By: sageI'm thinking I'll probably make it, bringing the newest hottest versions of Dungeon World and Powers For Good.
    Heck yeah!
  • Yea, Seattlites! Come help make our hurricaine a windy shade of emerald!
  • Yes, come. Please. It's lots of fun. I'll be facilitating two Sea Dracula games. You'll also be able to get copies of Panty Explosion Perfect.
  • Lovely, i am totally there. I don't know what i'm running yet, but i'll figure it out.
    I'm totally stoked for pretty much everything that's been mentioned in this thread.

    I'm very aprihensive about clicking through the link to sign my games in, though - it the calendar the same hot mess as it was last year? I know that that's above your head, Joel.

    Great poster, by the way!
  • Yeah, Joe McDaldno designed that--beautiful, isn't it?

    It looks like the game signup system is running pretty well. No problems I've heard about; folks have been submitting games and I've been approving 'em. Give it a try!
  • Here's how the roster is shaping up so far:

    Friday we have Tyler Tinsley's 0 Hunters, Ben Lehman's On the Ecology and Behavior of the Mud Dragon, my own The Dreaming Crucible, Tyler Walls' Dramatis, Gregor Hutton's Remember Tomorrow, Jake Richmond's Panty Explosion, Vincent Baker's Poison'd, and Jake and Nick's Sea Dracula.

    Saturday we have "Escape from the Lab of Dr. Malvolius" using Kirin Robinson's Old School Hack, Mud Dragon, John Harper's Danger Patrol, Nick Smith's Tulip Academy Society for Dangerous Gentlemen, and Luke and Jared's Freemarket.

    Sunday we have 0 Hunters, Mud Dragon, The Dreaming Crucible, Dramatis, "Gotham by Gaslight" using Joe McDaldno's Perfect, and Sea Dracula.

    Stuff folks have declared but not scheduled yet: Dungeon World, Powers for Good, a game of "vanilla" Perfect, "something else" by Ben Lehman, Where Are Your Keys?, and I'm running an Archipelago II playset with sad PTSD Hobbits.

    We'll also have an Open Gaming table in both the game rooms and the Dealer Hall, with whiteboard signups.

    I reiterate that the Program Book deadline is this Sunday March 6. We typically get many more games scheduled after that point, and each year have had no problem filling game tables. however I'd love to get as many games on the roster as we can before deadline, so that congoers and Gamestorm staff can see a robust assortment of games that they'd like to be a part of!

  • Man, I hate doing this because follow-through is not one of my strong suits, but I've got Microscope in my hands and it feels hot hot hot. Anyone got love for Microscope? Maybe Friday night?

    Joel, this is the same hotel as last year, right? Last year's hotel was super deluxe for unscheduled pickup gaming, lots of nooks and corners that gamers could take over.
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    Yup, same place! The nook and cranny method is always welcome, of course, but I'm hoping a dedicated Open Gaming table will only enhance people's options!

    EDIT: I think if everyone who's planning to come and hasn't yet scheduled a game, each scheduled a single game, the roster would freaking blossom.

    Just sayin'. :)

    EDIT AGAIN: I mean to say, planning to come and run games. If you're just comin' to play, rock on!
  • Posted By: johnzoMan, I hate doing this because follow-through is not one of my strong suits, but I've got Microscope in my hands and it feels hot hot hot. Anyone got love for Microscope? Maybe Friday night?
    Absolutely, yes. I may even put it on the schedule this weekend. Would love it if there was at least one other person playing who'd read the rules as it would be my first time facilitating it.

    Hot indeed. It would be a shame if this hot game didn't see play at Gamestorm.
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    Which will not happen, because I've committed to facilitating Microscope.

    Unless some fickle god introduces an Event before 7:00 p.m. on Friday, March 25th wherein I am somehow prevented from such.

    Nay, even then! In some time-sense I have *already* rocked previously unexplored worlds and histories on that very night with other enthusiastic players.

  • Good morning, everyone! Guess what? The deadline for Program Book entries is TODAY! Isn't that exciting?

    We've got a nice schedule shaping up, but we could use some more games in the Saturday night and Sunday afternoon slots (we currently have only one each). Anyone got something to add? Now's the time!

    Let me know if you have any trouble using the system. Their website can't handle much traffic load, so sometimes while navigating it can take a couple clicks or refreshes to get it to go. If your GM Profile is set up I can even submit the event myself if you whisper me the description here.

  • Well, great news! At the Gamestorm meeting today I learned that the deadline for scheduled games in the Program Book is extended another week! So we're now looking at Sunday, March 13. So I'm hoping to see some new events come in, especially for Saturday night or Sunday afternoon.

    The deadline for pre-registration, on the other hand, is still midnight tonoght. So grab your membership now!

  • Ok, I'm in. Registered tonight.
  • UPDATE: The deadline has been set to 11PM on Wednesday March 9, with a possible 24 hour grace period. Get'cher submissions in while the getting's good, folks!
  • Ok, today's the day: no new proposals will be accepted after 11:59 PM Wednesday March 9. The deadline for pre-signups to play is around March 13.

    Get 'em while they're hot, folks! We have a lot of rad games on the list, but still plenty of talbles, especially in the Saturday eve and Sunday afternoon spots!

  • Eh, I didn't end up listing games. I'm running the Booth Friday 2-7, everything else will be spontaneous. :)
  • Spontaneity will be my watchword. But i will also run some games, and give some amount of notice for such things. Yes? it's true.
  • Yeah, all's not lost; we have a good amount of tables available and can post signups on the fly. I think our crowd is more the spontaneous gaming type, in any case.

    I was just hping to get the program book as impressive as possible so congers would be overloaded with "holy shit! Indie Hurricane is full of awesome!" And I got that, just not as much as I expected. :)
  • Yeah, there are actually four things I want to run but I'm only offering two officially and I didn't sign up for anything else that's on the program so that I can be available for all that spontaneous gaming.

    Slackers rule Stumptown. ;)
  • One thing I WOULD ask is that come con time, everyone coordinate with me and with each other as much as possible to keep info flowing about what's going on--games up on the whiteboard, asking around for players, etc. I always feel faintly disappointed after a con when I hear a bunch of "oh yeah, me and my awesome friends TOTALLY played this SECRET GAME in a random room that was SOOOO sweet!"

    Open gaming is one (totally rad) thing; cliquish insularity is another (not so rad).


    PS. that doesn't mean I'm frowning on folks having a little private time with good friends. I'm just thinking of the thing where everyone's off in different directions and practically not at the same con.
  • Crap! How did I miss this thread??
    Now I must kick myself for having already scheduled my life to death during man. I always seem to miss the cool stuff going on in my hood.
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    That's too bad, Michael. Are you a Portlander? I don't think I ever realized that. Have we met? We should get together and stuff.
  • Posted By: jackson teguSpontaneity will be my watchword. But i will also run some games, and give some amount of notice for such things.
    Yeah, this is my plan as well.

    And Joel, thanks very much for organizing the indie hurricane. Last year was a blast, and this year is looking strong too.
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    Absolutely, John, looking forward to seeing you!

    So, here's the roster of officially scheduled games:

    Thursday we have:

    Evening: "In the Belly of the Whale" from Norewgian Style, with Michael Peterson

    Friday we have:

    Morning: 0 Hunters with Tyler Tinsley, On the Ecology and Behavior of the Mud Dragon with Ben Lehman
    Panel: "Gaming with your Heart on Your Sleeve" with Joel P. Shempert, Jackson Tegu and Hans Otterson
    Afternoon: Two sessions of The Dreaming Crucible with Joel P. Shempert, Dramatis with Tyler Walls, Remember Tomorrow with Harry Lee
    Evening: Panty Explosion: Perfect with Jake Richmond, Poison'd with Joel P. Shempert, Microscope with Matthew Gagan, Sea Dracula with Jake Richmond and Nick Smith

    Saturday we have:

    Morning: "Escape from the Lab of Dr. Malvolius!" (using Dungeon Hack plus Smallworld tiles) with Brendan Adkins, Mud Dragon with Ben Lehman
    Afternoon: Danger Patrol with Matthew, The Tulip Academy Society for Dangerous Young Gentlemen with Nick Smith, Dramatis with Tyler W, Perfect Unrevised with Harry, Where are Your Keys? the Language Learning Game with Willem Larsen
    Evening: Freemarket with Mike Sugarbaker, Norwegian Style's "Fuck Youth" and "Until We Sink" with Michael

    Sunday we have:

    Morning: 0 Hunters with Tyler T, The Dreaming Crucible with Joel, Mud Dragon with Ben
    Panel: "Role Playing Game Design Workshop" with Jake, Ben, and Mike SB
    Afternoon: "Gotham by Gaslight" (using Perfect Unrevised) with Brendan, CELL*STYLE Cosplay Contest with Jake, Nick, Ben and Tyler T
    End of Con: Sea Dracula with Jake and Nick

    We also have Open Gaming from Thursday afternoon through the end of the con, with one dedicated table as Open Gaming HQ, plus several unassigned tables within the indie gaming rooms during most timeslots. We have a table in the Dealer Hall with a table for demos and pick-up games there as well.

    We'll handle the on-the-fly games with whiteboards and word of mouth; once again I personally request that we all be communicative and inclusive for a fun con together!

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    Games people have talked about running, but aren't on the schedule:

    Apocalypse World
    Archipelago II
    Anima Prime
    Beast Hunters Bloodcarved Edition
    Bliss Stage
    Dungeon World
    Powers for Good
    The Mustang
    Cannibal Contagion
    Capes: Invasion from Earth Prime!
  • Folks who are coming with games and products of their own: check out this thread for guidelines on participating in the Indie Hurricane! dealer table. The basics are, it free to you and you keep all your profits. If you submit material for the Booth menu, you'll be part of a slick brocure for customers to browse, AND ensure the Booth Staff are knowledgable of your game!


    PS the booth Menu deadline is March 16, so don't delay!
  • There will be Microscope books at the Indie Hurricane table. For reals.
  • Awesome Possum. Do they come with a Ben Robbins (demo only, not for sale)?
  • Heyo, any Seattlites or Tacomaians (or other Olympians) have room for one or two south-bounders from Olympia?

    muchas gracias, whisper me if you've got a little room in your car.
  • I'm considering a ridiculous decent into irresponsibility, and training down for Saturday night/Sunday morning+day, despite repeated protests about being able to show up. But i'm hesitant because i'm basically looking (directly at Christian) for AP or Beast Hunters Bloodcarved.

    Can i beseech anyone to play these with me? Christian, if i came down on Saturday night, could i swindle some of your proclaimed spontaneity? I've also got some prop-heavy one-shots of AP i could run for people. If there's interest, i'm serious, but i need someone to tell me to jump off that cliff...
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    Andy, if you come down here I'll play whatever you want. :) And tomorrow you'll be able to hold Anima Prime in your hands! (The proof copy, anyway.)

    ETA: I'm only here today and tomorrow, though, not Sunday.
  • I'm sad to not be there. :(
  • Well, i've pretty much missed the last train tonight. What if i showed up for just tomorrow?
  • Alright, Christian, you're on! I'm coming down tomorrow and will be in around 3:30. Hope that's not too late to catch you for the last session? If not it's cool. I'll be going home on Sunday. I would have come earlier, but the tickets all sold out...
  • I'm sure we'll find some time to play. :)
  • Yeah! Sign-up-for-nothing Nothing! I'm totally on board with whatever you two are gonna play!
  • Today I played Mars Colony, Microscope and Anima Prime with friends old and new. I'm a happy man.
  • I had a fantastic day. Got a good game of S/lay in this 'noon with Ross, then some mind-blowing Where Are Your Keys?! (Was my life changed a little bit? I think my life was changed a little bit), and some lived-up-entirely-to-my-overblown-expectations FreeMarket Superused by Sugarbaker with Ben Robbins and (can't remember his name but he was hilarious).

    Also got a demo of the minis game Malifaux that I am stoked about.

    Good. Day.
  • Yesterday I played Where Are your keys? and Archipelago with Willem Larsen. Day previous I played The Dreaming Crucible with Pol and Cranston, and Poison'd with a bunch o folks. Funtimes.
  • Did In the Belly of the Whale happen? I frickin' love that game.
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