Polaris Group in Santa Cruz, CA seeks one more


I have three people (myself included) wanting to play Polaris. We're all (grad) students who are usually quite busy, so we would prefer to keep the game local. If you can come to Santa Cruz regularly to play, then we want you! Details are negotiable, but tentatively we'd want to play every other Wednesday for 2-3 hours. We have a venue on the west side of town, near the Seabright neighborhood (i.e. my house).

If you enjoy gaming with us, we also attempt to get together every Saturday within reason to play random indie games. Eventually it might become akin to "Go Play Santa Cruz County" or something, but right now it's just friends trying to make time to game in our (sometimes overwhelmingly) busy lives.

Please feel free to contact me at joey at fambracho dot org, or post here. Happy gaming!

ETA: nobody has ever played before, but we've all read the rules. I own a hardcopy of them, and have read and reread them a few times since 2006 or so. I would put us at the upper end of beginner, though we all play a lot of games without GMs (Shock:, Perfect, A Penny For My Thoughts, and Hell for Leather being the prime examples).
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