Videos as a larp prop

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This is sort of a long shot, but it's worth asking.

I'm going to be running a live action game for my wife 30th birthday in a few weeks. The plot so far has a lot of mad science type stuff in it, including some high tech devices that could work in various ways. And I have a variety of audio visual equipment lying around my house, so I thought "Why not combine these two?" I could easily have a PC play a video on a loop of the scientific equipment's readouts, and change which video was playing depending on the current state of the game. As the PCs fiddle with things, values displayed could raise or lower or warning signs might flash.

The problem is that I'd need videos of some sort of scientific or technical equipment just playing on a loop. Preferably multiples of the same device in different states, but I'll work with whatever I can get my hands on. Theoretically, something like this might be on Youtube, but I haven't found a good way to narrow the search properly. The exact configurations of the device aren't too important, so long as it looks impressively technical.

Anyone have any ideas on where I could get some video like this?


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