Call for play testers for Death of the Vele

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I’m ready to play test a new collaborative role playing game, called “Death of the Vele,” which draws from Blood Red Sands, Spirit of the Century, and Lady Blackbird (this grew out of The Philosopher's Stone, which I posted about several months ago). It’s collaborative, but with a goal of feeling like a single-GM role playing game; you have a PC, you develop it from session to session, but you also have a set of story characters that are “yours” the same way your PC is “yours”. Here’s the premise:

The Vele were a long-lived race and worshiped the god of knowledge, mercy, and compassion. They befriended the Scrow, a “lesser” race, worshippers of a barbarian god of schemes and warfare, and gave to them knowledge and fantastic, almost magical, devices. The Scrow executed a plan lasting more than 1600 years, culminating in the destruction of the Vele during a single night, destroying the Vele and their cities with their own weapons, followed by world domination. Now, there are few, if any, Vele left, and their cities are in ruins.

Given that premise, the setting is up to you: Steampunk, Old West, Ancient Japan, Space Opera, Postapocalyptic, Egyptech, Renaissance, Dark Ages, Aztec, Pulp, Dystopian Future, Multiplanar,... whatever works.

If you’re interested in play testing, please send me an email: bill (dot) burdick (at) gmail (dot) com

Bill Burdick


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