[Epiphany] Actual Replay #2: A Story-Game at Sunday School

edited December 2010 in Directed Promotion
On an intermittent podcast called Actual Replay, I talk about a story-game I wrote and played with a group of kids at Sunday school as a special Yuletide activity. It's a little trifle for the S-G community; when I get back to my own computer, I'll upload the rules somewhere and post a link. I hope it will be interesting to at least a few people.

EDIT: A pdf of the rules is here. Happy holidays!

I should mention that the idea behind the game is that the players are Magi traveling through the desert on their way to Bethlehem, while one player is King Herod trying to stop them. If Christmas had come early, I might have finished it in time for Game Chef 2010, but it didn't.
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