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I read somewhere that the Japanese term for tabletop roleplaying games is "table speak" or something along those lines. Is that true?

Or to make the question a little broader: what's the Japanese term for tabletop roleplaying games and what would be the literal translation.



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    "TRPG" -> "Tee Aru Pee Jee"

    "Teeburu Tokku Rooru Purei-ingu Ge-mu". (Table-Talk Role Playing Game)

    They use the loanwords. But yeah, it's interesting to note that the "T" isn't "Tabletop", it's "Table-Talk".

    For more on loanwords, see this year's "60 Japanese words of 2010", lots of them are English loanwords (Agenda, Power Spot, Loopy, etc);
  • I'm pretty sure this is because the first RPGs that really took hold in Japan were the video-game ones like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. I still can hear the resonant voice of the commercial narrator talking about the latest FF game on TV, calling it an RPG, and my gaijin ears pricking up, hoping they'd actually be releasing a FF RPG book...and then remembering, "oh yeah, video game, not book. Pooh."
  • Ahh, yeah there was definitely that: RPGs had to re-change their name to TRPGs in Japan because the term was opted really early on as a sales point for console games on the old NES.

    I was curious that the word used was "Table-Talk" rather than our version of TRPG, "Tabletop". I think it was likely to emphasize the talking/"acting" portions of the game over the idea that it's just some sort of tabletop simulation of battles and stuff.

  • I actually happen to think it's a superior term, description-wise.
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