Gamestorm PDX 2011: come join the Indie Hurricane!

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As you may or may not know, the Portland area has a convention in March--Gamestorm--that we PDX Go Players have been attending as the force of nature that is Indie Hurricane! Every year we set up a dealer table to sell ours and others' games, run a bunch of sweet games with the [Indie Hurricane!] tag, host some panels on under-explored aspects of gaming and generally be awesome. I'm officially the Indie Hurricane! rep for Gamestorm 2011. This means I need your help! Yes, you! And you too, over in the corner! Don't think I don't see you!

I'm looking for willing and/or able-bodied men and women to make Indie Hurricane an awesome success. "Success" here could mean a number of good sales for those of us with product, or cool new people added to our community, or a strong mutually beneficial relationship with Gamestorm staff, or just a fun time had with friends. Hopefully all four! I won't try presume to know what everyone's goals are, but those are mine, in no particular order. in fact, if anything, fun is our watchword! Fun while running games, fun while working the booth, fun doing panels and special aim is to make every aspect of doing Gamestorm fun for us! It may be hard work, but it should be work having FUN!

There are two ways to give me input: the PRIMARY one is: go to the Go Play PDX forums and respond in the Gamestorm 2011 thread.

If that's too much trouble, you can respond to the same questions here. So, here's what, concretely, I need from all who are willing:

A) Tell me, here in this thread, if you're planning to attend. "Planning" doesn't mean a firm commitment, it just means, y'know, you want to and think you will.

B) Tell me, here in this thread, if you're willing to put in some time at the Indie Hurricane! booth in the dealer's hall. "Time" means a significant amount of hours, not like, a half hour on Friday between lunch and game sessions. Also, again, no firm commitment, just an initial show of interest.

C) Tell me, here in this thread, if you're planning (same definition as above), to run game sessions for the Hurricane, and how many. You can mention what the games are if you like.

D) Tell me, in the thread or in private message, if you have books or other merchandise to sell at the Indie Hurricane! table. Say what it is and what size.

E) Tell me, private message ONLY, if you need a badge for the con. "Need" means you 1) didn't earn a free badge through running games last year, and 2) Have significant financial obstacles to attending without one. Especially say if you can't attend without one.

That'll be enough to go on with. W Right now I just want to get a big-picture idea of the Go Play PDX core of dedicated Hurricaners.

Thanks, everyone!



  • I plan to attend Gamestorm 2011 arriving Thursday, leaving Monday, and run game sessions there (Apocalypse World, maybe other things). 3 if they'll let me, 1 Friday, 2 Saturday. Maybe a 4th Sunday, I'm still thinking about that. Not planning to work the booth.

    I'm likely to spend a few extra days in Portland before or after the con or both, at the Mark Spencer Hotel, and would happily run yet more Apocalypse World if people wanted bonus gaming.
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    Cool, Carl! Any interest in sitting on panels, if a fitting topic comes along?

    EDIT: And do you have any ideas for a compelling panel topic, whether you sit on it or no?
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    Who goes to panels at GAMING cons? The problem with being on a panel is that 1-hour panels and 4-hour game slots intermix poorly in scheduling, but if there was a panel I could offer useful information at that fit my schedule, I'd be happy to join as long as I get to start off reminding the audience that all questions must be phrased in the form of a question.

    Suggested Panel Topics:
    + How can you build an indie gaming community around a clueful game store? (Only if Chris Hanrahan of Endgame agrees to do it! And maybe someone from Guardian Games for local flavor?)
    + Why is Apocalypse World the best game ever? (must have John Harper on the panel!)
    + Does Everyone Know Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams are now available at Zupan's on Burnside, or Why It's OK to Skip Origins Now?
    + Reading Body Language and Micro-expressions as a Handy GMing Skill
    + Working Together To Create an Environment of Shared Trust in a 4 hour Convention Game with Complete Strangers - Threat or Menace?

    Panels I would dearly love to NEVER see again:
    - Women in Gaming (unless the panel is all-women and all men must post a significant bond that they will shut the hell up for the entire hour and just listen)
    - The Future of the Industry (for ANY industry)
    - What is X? where X is anything that leads to a mindcrushingly boring hour of people arguing over definitions. (For the dear love of all that is good and decent in the world, please no "What are Indie Games?", although a panel on "What's come out in the last year or two that's interesting and worth checking out?" could be good.)

    But for the most part, since the emergence of the Internet, I don't have much use for panels at gaming cons, SF cons, anime cons. The bandwidth and signal to noise are both too low. Others may find them more useful.
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