[Down In the Hole] Call for playtesters

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Down In the Hole, my MG hack for prolonged The Wire police style roleplaying is looking good, and has come quite a way since I posted about it six months ago.

I'm looking for feedback of any kind, and for interested playtesters. I hope to get a small group together here in Edinburgh to play face-to-face next weekend.

I am also looking for:
a) Playtesters interested in playing via Skype with me as GM (GMT time)
b) Playtesters who would like to give it a spin on their own, face-to-face or online. Besides the playtest doc, you need the MG rulebook, and characters sheets including player aids, which you will get from me as PDFs.

There are some specific feedback I'm particularly interested in, but I will let you know if you volunteer to test the thing. I appreciate any help or feedback that I can get!

When you walk in the garden
You better watch your back


  • You gotta keep the devil
    Down in the hooole

    I loved the idea when you first posted it, love to see it's shaping up nicely. Sadly, I'm too busy with real life and other games to give it a spin, but I'll be keeping an eye out for this one.
  • Hi Per

    I'm good for a) and b). With regard to b), I'm running a whack of games this month and I'll get the playtest in sometime before then. Send me the specifics of the feedback you want and I'll get it back to you pronto.

  • Hi Pete,

    That's great! I'm at work ast the moment, but send me your contact email and I'll get back to you asap
  • Awesome! I've been excited to hear more about this. I'm down for both A and B although I have a question. How would this work with just one GM and one player? I don't really have a steady group at the moment.
  • David, that's fantastic - if we can get a Skype game running with you, me and Pete (and someone else, I have someone in mind, Joe Murphy) that would be a)

    In terms of one player + one GM, I can't see why not. Should work, I guess...
  • Oopps, I should have made clear in the initial post that MG is the Mouse Guard roleplaying game.
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