Registration Ends May 14! [Camp Nerdly May 20-22 2011]



  • I'd really like to come, but I'm in Florida. Is it too early to think car-pool?

    Or cheap flights? Anyone local can pick people up from the airport? Is there one nearby?

    When is too soon/too late to submit game ideas?
  • Anyone that flies in just needs to let me know and I'll arrange for a pick up and drop off.

    I'll check with others regarding the airports to see what has been used in the past and let you know.
  • I'm not afraid of your health care so much as your government. I was arrested in Toronto during the G20, despite not being a protester nor protesting at the time (that has changed now). There is a security warning on my name though so traveling to a country that has sketchy treatment at best of people with security warnings isn't on my 'should do' list. I'm terrified enough being in Canada.
  • I'm sure they had their reasons Kate.
  • Posted By: Mark CauseyWhat do you consider to be a Nerdly tradition, positive or negative? What would you like to see become a tradition?
    Opt-in random cabin assignment. I went the first year alone, and it was I'm guessing, a different experience for me then say for... Andy. I've got more thoughts on Nerdly, but let's leave it at that.
  • Everyone that's registered so far should have received an email from me at this point. I used the email address you used to paypal us with, so if you don't normally check that email please do. If you've registered and not received an email, please let me know.
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    nevermind. question answered (shame there's no delete button)
  • So, we're registering right now, but are considering bringing our two year old. I see two of the three currently posted events are for little ones so I'm less worried then when I first started this post, but since we do have the option to not bring him I wanted to poke the anthill and see what came up. Is anyone besides the Waltons and Wakemans bringing little ones (I mean like under 4).
  • I'm bringing my sense of humor.

  • I could borrow Buddha's giant rice bowl, for the kiddies..
  • For all of you waiting on some sort of response or feedback, I will be done with a major project at work today and should be much more communicative very soon. We're pretty close to half full and I'm very excited!
  • 34 Owlbears confirmed! Awesome!
  • The guest list on the wiki has been updated. Please be sure to sign up for a cabin spot when you can.
  • Please take note of the Special Events thread I've started here.
  • I'm still hoping to make it. Depends on schedule. For those who have never been, Camp Nerdly is a blast. My second favorite game event after Dreamation.
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    We should get t-shirts with that as the slogan!

    No, wait, I think we can do better. (No dig at you, John, it's a very valid statement with which I agree wholeheartedly.)
  • Not a lot of people have posted events. What's up with that? Is there still a rule strong suggestion that every camper prepare at least one activity?

    I just posted my three activities:
    1. carry, a game about war
    2. B2 - Keep on the Borderlands (Mentzer Basic D&D ca. 1980)
    3. Fantasy Heartbreaker (collaborative design)
  • It's my first year, so I don't know the rules. I have like 15 games I would really like to throw at the SG community, but I don't know what's popular/desired. I figured I'd just bring games for pick-up. Is that kosher? Should I still list them but in a "to be determined" slot? (After I narrow it down to just one or three?)
  • I imagine everyone is waiting to see what other people are running first :)

    So I think it's been determined that we're sending the kid to camp grandma instead. I still doubt I'd want to stay up for the saturday night slot, so if the other parents are interested I can read/sleep in the kid cabin and fetch parents if needed (I am so *not* volunteering to put your kid to bed, I have enough trouble with mine)
  • I'm in the same boat as Harlequin: first year, not really sure how all of this works. So I was hanging back until I got a better feel for things.

    How many more freshmen Owlbears do we have out there?
  • Please bring something prepared if you can. It's almost as important as chore duty. You'll find that you may not use the preparation or that you may not have your game selected at all.

    Updating the wiki with your proposed game/info is not required to run something. Think of this like a housecon or any gaming event you might have attended where the population is small, but larger than one group.
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    Posted By: Mark CauseyUpdating the wiki with your proposed game/info is not required to run something.
    But please do so!

    When I go to any con, I check to see what's being run-- to see if it suits me or not. Help the fence-sitters decide to attend!

    And the only way you'll know beforehand if there's any interest in your proposed game, is to see if anyone signs up on the wiki.

    And, although the idea of a loosey-goosey hippie experience-- where everything gets organized spontaneously-- is a nice notion/
    that's less efficient in a multi-day event, with many slots.

    And-- it's the new o-bears who may know fewer people face-to-face-- who will have a bigger social hurdle to just winging-it &
    arranging what to play on-the-fly.

    And and and.

    I should really decide what I'm running & post something on the wiki.
  • Yeah, I think the wiki is an important tool for the reasons Todd mentions, above, but also because it helps YOU figure out if you need to spend ten hours prepping for that game. It's dispiriting enough when no one wants to play the game you pitched; it's worse when you show up to con with a game you prepped for ten hours, and then no one wants to play. So post your stuff and gauge the temperature of the audience.

    To echo what Todd said, though, there is definitely a hippie vibe to Nerdly, and that's okay. THERE WILL BE FUN. That's not the issue. If you're on the fence because you're not sure if the con will be fun, let me assure you that the fun will be there in herds. A pod of fun. A parliament of fun. A murder of fun. Wait, not murder. That doesn't sound fun.

    Looking over the signup rolls, I am confident in stating that it will be sufficiently fun to hang out with this group of people and talk, even if no gaming happens. This is a great bunch of people. And camping is fun, especially when you don't have to sleep on the ground or carry water or pee in a hole! If you're wary of rustic camping, lemme say that you can handle this. I mean, it's in a campground and you sleep in a sleeping bag on a cot in a rustic cabin, but the bathrooms are fairly nice and clean, and the mess hall is amazing. It might rain all weekend, but that won't matter, cuz we'll be gaming in the cabins and mess hall all weekend. THERE WILL BE FUN.

    So get off the fence, send Mark your fiddy butts, and figure out what activity you really want to run -- something that excites YOU. Chances are good that it will excite other people, and very little can beat the sharing of excitement. When you get the Camp, mind your chores, open your brain to new things, smile at people and say hello and introduce yourself to strangers, and there will be fun.

    I can't wait!
  • Anyone want to carpool from the Midwest? I'm still trying to figure out if I can make it work.
  • Hey all, just a quick heads up since we're about two weeks out:

    Camp Nerdly has been historically a great place to meet new gamers and enjoy the outdoors, and play some cool games. And also historically, it's had very good concept organization ("games I want to run!") but very open/loose about the actual structuring of events. People show up, games get run haphazardly, there's meals and stuff, then more haphazard gaming. We tend to have a whiteboard at the event so that people can actually organize timewise.

    So until the times are hashed out, here's the growing "Who is interested in this?" game list:

    That above link has events, with "I definitely want to do this" vs "I would like to do this if I have time" listings. These are NOT "pre-registration" slots. They are barometers used to gauge interest. Just because an event has lots of interest does not mean that it will absolutely happen, nor does it mean that the people who put their name there will be Reserved to play that game. We'll have more careful organization (of sorts) at the convention itself.

    Post things you want to bring but are not sure if folks would bite. If enough bite, then prepare to run them.

    However, at the end of the day, all attendees to Camp Nerdly should:
    1) Be prepared to run at least one event. We don't want situations where 20 people are hanging around wanting to Play but no one willing/prepared to Run. Who's responsible for running an event? EVERYONE, AND THAT MEANS YOU! :-)
    2) Be also prepared for the fact that you might prep an event that might not happen. If you post an event and only 1-2 people express interest, but prep would be daunting (ie "hundreds of miniatures and hardcover rulebooks), maybe aim light (in terms of materials needed) just in case.

    Anyway, just review my post, and if you are interested in gauging interest or expressing interest in an event, sign up for that wikispaces and post.

  • I just put in my games! I'm running Shock:Human Contact and FiST and Furious!

    They're pretty much opposite games. Human Contact is about culture clash and the relationship between anthropologists and the cultures in which they live, given the perspective they're born with.

    FiST and Furious is about car crashes and making difficult decision about whether to say "VROOOOOM" or "PRRRRT!"

    "PRRRRT" is a machine gun sound.

  • We should be getting new sleeping bags in time, so if people are in need we could bring the old ones to loan.
  • Hello, everyone, we're getting down to the wire. We will be cutting off registration on Saturday, May 14th. Please spread the word to others who might want to go.

    If you're thinking about going, now's the time to register! If you have any questions, please contact me at, post a question here in the forum, or whisper me.

  • Man this looks awesome! Never heard of it before, but I'll probably have to wait until next year. This just isn't enough notice to get everything in order for a weekend trip. Looking forward to Camp Nerdly 2012~ooooo...Apocalyptic theme, anyone? :P
  • I want someone to run Apocalypse World for me. If you've run the game before, please sign up to run it! And I'll play!

  • I can't access the Nerdly wiki from work. Grrrr. So I will try my best to remember to post a game when I get home. (It probably will be A Taste for Murder.)
  • My father and Joanna talked me into going! It will be my first year. Paid up and ready to go. I really have nothing to run other than some board games, is that cool?
  • Sarah, you are going to have a great time! Camp Nerdly is a blast.
  • I'm bringing some board games, too. By the end of the weekend, I can almost guarantee you'll have something you'll want to run for somebody when you get home! Always happens to me, at least.
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    I just posted my events:

    EDIT: And added in my provisional schedule for them

    Misspent Youth
    Provisional schedule: Saturday session II and III (1300-1830)
    GM/Organizer: Robert Bohl
    Description: Teenage rebellion in a fucked-up future! Come together, make a dystopian world, then smash The Authority in the face.
    Number of spots available: 3 to 5 players
    Participant Requirements: None
    Age Rating: I'd be happy to run this for teenagers who have their parents' permission, but this is a cursing, violence, and sex-heavy game. I'll tone it down for younger people, but it's in the DNA and I want to talk to any parent first.
    Preferred Activity Space: Any, though adults-only area would be good

    Primetime Adventures, 3rd edition Playtest
    Provisional schedule: Saturday session IV (1930-2330)
    GM/Organizer: Robert Bohl (I have the playtest doc too, so I'm just copying Andy's event and I'd love to run it)
    Description: PTA 3E. We'll be playtesting it (read: Not "Playing to Break It", but "Playing to Have Fun"), including the new rules for group Premise creation.
    Number of spots available: 4
    Participant Requirements: None.
    Age Rating: Adults or older teens.
    Preferred Activity Space: Mess Hall or War Room

    Sad & Miserable: The Secret Lives of Stand-Up Comics [playtest/playstorm]
    Provisional schedule: Friday Session, 1930-2330 (4 hr.)
    GM/Organizer: Robert Bohl
    Description: Sad & Miserable is a game about the personal lives, careers, and trials of a group of stand-up comedians. The game focuses around a given club and the star comics around it. The game is in development now, but some of the details include: troupe-style play (you have more than one character), no singular GM, card-based, and narrative. The game is partially-developed, so you'll either be playing some of what I have so far, or helping me create new rules (or both).
    Number of spots available: 2-6
    Participant Requirements: None
    Age Rating: I think this might be an adults-only game
    Preferred Activity Space: The AO-space
  • I'll be bringing some board games, too.

    Also, if anyone is interested in selling/trading games, let me know. I've got a bunch of board games that I wouldn't mind exchanging.

  • Please, everyone bring items for trade. A table can easily be set aside for swap/sales.

    Just got off the phone with Ralph, everything is paid. The other group leaves on the 19th, so if anyone wants to show up a little early (11am I think is early enough) we can get things organized. Don't forget, hard stop at noon on Sunday (everything must be cleaned and emptied, cabins evacuated). We usually hang around a little afterward but post inspection is required.
  • Bringing Munchkin Cthulhu and Small World. I'm also hoping to have the courage to run either On Mighty Thews or M20 Redacted.
  • Seth: I bought On Mighty Thews immediately after reading the Pulp Primer, and have also been considering running it. If you do decide to run, I'll definitely play.
  • Michael and I are coming.
    He's thinking about running some Mechaton, and I was thinking Everway would be fun.
  • Say, anyone interested in running through a Mystic Empyrean demo? Printed it out, but haven't found the time yet. But I'm totally interesed.
  • I'll bring Mystic Empyrean and Anima Prime and a few other games (maybe Yuuyake Koyake?)
  • So I've given up on finishing reading the Mount Witch in time, and posted a Montsegur game.

    I'd really like to play Lady Blackbird and haven't had a chance
  • I can run Lady Blackbird! I've been running a cyberpunk interpretation for a while now.
  • No Camp Nerdly for me. I was waiting to see if my work trip was going to finish up in time, but it looks like it won't. I was looking forward to playing with awesome people. Alas. Maybe next year.

  • We'll miss you, Brian!
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    Posted By: HarlequinSay, anyone interested in running through a Mystic Empyrean demo? Printed it out, but haven't found the time yet. But I'm totally interesed.
    I want to play it, but I don't have enough time to learn another game by next Friday. Could you plan that as one of your "come prepped to run Something" events, Harlequin? You'd have at least one "Absolutely Want to Play" here.

  • Looking forward to it!

    I'm running one event this year:

    The TORG Files (Dresden Files/TORG)

    GM/Organizer: Jeffrey Hosmer

    Description: They come from other realities, raiders joined together to steal the awesome energy of Earth's possibilities. They have brought with them their own realities, creating areas where the rules of nature are radically different -- turning huge portions of Earth into someplace else. But Earth is not helpless. Standing between these Possibility Raiders and total victory are the Storm Knights, men and women who have weathered the raging storms of change with their own realities intact. The Storm Knights come from any of the realities and are dedicated to stopping the raiders here, before their unholy hunger consumes Earth -- leaving behind a desolate husk.

    TORG was published by West End Games in the early 90s, and I always loved the setting, if not the rules. But when Evil Hat came out with the Dresden Files RPG, I fell in love with the rules and thought, Can I play TORG with this? Let's find out!

    Number of spots available: 8

    Participant Requirements: Just bring yourselves... I think I can supply everything else.

    Age Rating: 18+.

    Preferred Activity Space: The Castle, Friday night, in case we run long.
  • Posted By: AndyPosted By: HarlequinSay, anyone interested in running through a Mystic Empyrean demo? Printed it out, but haven't found the time yet. But I'm totally interesed.
    I want to play it, but I don't have enough time to learn another game by next Friday. Could you plan that as one of your "come prepped to run Something" events, Harlequin? You'd have at least one "Absolutely Want to Play" here.


    Done and done. (Though I didn't add your name myself). I'll bring this along with my perrenial favorite, The Mountain Witch.
  • Snuck in with a last-minute registration! Last year was going to be my first year, so I'm double excited (i just forgot about registering because of finals). This will be my college graduation party!

    I'm thinking of running some Leverage (idea: The Iron Chef Job), but if someone wants Apocalypse World I'd be willing to run Hatchet City as a first time MC.
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