[Apocalypse World] Apocalypse Island

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17th century England. King James VI of England is dead; his son Charles has gained the Crown. Pirates from Barbary prowl the high seas. The British Empire continues to expand. You are explorers and sailors aboard the HBMS[1] Visage, one of three ships (the others being the HBMS Valiant and the HBMS Victory) sent to establish a colony in Barbados.

That was then. Years ago. Your ship wrecked on an unknown island after a colossal storm sent you way off course.

There were hundreds of you. Slaves, sailors, soldiers, explorers, and volunteers. Many tons of cargo went with you--food, clothing, equipment, weapons (including gunpowder weapons), maps, books, and building materials. All of that is spread out around this God-forsaken island, fought over by the various factions that have arisen.

What's the state of the failed colony now? What is the nature of the island you're on? How much of the original population has survived? Has it been long enough for a second generation? Are there natives, and if so, what is their nature?

Inspired by this post by John Harper on The Mighty Atom. Historical fact checking very welcome. I'll post some mechanical ideas some other time.

[1] His Britannic Majesty's Ship, later replaced by HMS.


  • I was hoping for this being Apocalypse World as a reality game show but your idea is pretty cool.
  • Neat.

    There must be natives! It's a big island; big enough that the colonists have settled the shoreline but the interior remains dangerous mystery. Seems like the slaves might have had a huge advantage, being either trained agrarians or accustomed to primitive life. It would be neat to see them dominant in some ways. Also, It seems more like AW if it's been quite some time -- long enough for a second generation, but the ship was probably short on women.
  • The Principles:
    -Barf forth Catholicism
    -Respond with buggery
    -Look through telescopes
    -Maketh your move, but never speaketh its name
  • When they open their mind to the maelstrom, will be guided to a giant statue, or a mysterious metal hatch?
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