[Apocalypse World] Custom (character) moves make the game!

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This is an offshoot of this beautiful thread.

That thread is about custom moves in like, the world. I want to start a parallel thread about custom moves that belong to characters we haven't invented yet.

The same rules apply: post the name of your custom move in bold, without mechanics. Then pick a post above yours and provide mechanics for a move someone else named. It'll be fun! Or maybe it won't, but I'm hopeful. Also, don't limit your moves to vanilla Apocalypse World. They can be from hacks that haven't been invented yet (or hacks that have) too!

I'm not sure if this will work as well as the other thread, but I want to find out.

Here are mine:

Proof of living fire
You're a wolf, boy
Rebel Yell


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  • Oops.

    When you meet somebody new, roll+weird. On a 7-9, hold 1. On a 10+ old 1+1 (ie take +1forward against them). On a miss, you take -1ongoing until you leave their presence. When your character suffers a misfortune, you can spend your hold on someone to have that misfortune happen to them instead, as long as they are present.

    Insolent Bastard.
    Worship Me Like a God.
    A Symphony of Throats and Piano Wire.
  • A Symphony of Throats and Piano Wire

    When you perform the music of Eric Zann, everyone who can hear it must choose one of the following:
    -- take s-harm;
    -- take 1 Harm AP; or
    -- roll on the Harm table as if they had just taken 1 Harm.

    If you continue playing the music and no one is able to stop you, feel free to make this move again. (This is probably unnecessary to say, since it's already in the rules, but it's probably good to explicitly point this out.)
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    Insolent Bastard: when sometime tries to seduce or manipulate you, they have to roll+hard instead of +hot (even if they already have a relevant stat substitution move).

    Not Made of Flesh and Bone:
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    Joey, nice!
    It feels like it's of less utility than most other moves, because it only works on other PCs, when they do stuff, but it really defines your character's... character.
  • Thanks! I was trying to think of a clause that made it useful against NPCs, but I just couldn't get it right.
  • Not Made of Flesh and Bone: When you roll 7-9 on seizing by force, you get the "frighten, dismay or impress your enemy" option for free as long as you don't pick "suffer little harm".

    You're a wolf, boy: when you fail on the Read a sitch move, you pick fight or flight. You get +1 forward when acting on the one you pick, and -1 on any rolls for doing anything but that.

    Just the messenger
  • Just the messenger: when breaking bad news, roll +sharp. On 10+, they're glad they had someone like you to tell them. On 7-9, they won't get angry at you, at least. On 6 or lower, the bad news is definitely *your* fault, in their eyes.

    Rebel Yell: you recall their face from your army days. Roll +sharp; on 10+, y'all were on the same side AND you fought in the same unit. On 7-9, you were just on the same side.
    On 6 or lower, you fought on opposite sides.
  • Worship Me Like a God
    When you make a commanding speech following a victory over your enemies, roll +Hard. On a 10+, gain 3 hold. On a 7-9, gain 1 hold. Spend your fold going forward to:

    *Inspire your followers, taking +1 forward in follow-up action
    *Swell your ranks with newly-cowed foes
    *Capture the surviving enemy most important to you
    *Find just what you need among the spoils

    On a miss, the victory was ephemeral, morale low, and reprisal imminent.

    I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

    You've Gotta be Shittin' Me

    Tried In the Fires of Pain And Death
  • You've Gotta be Shittin' Me: when someone does something you don't like in your presence, roll+hard.
    Against NPCs:
    * On a 10+, you can stop them from acting. They're scared shitless of you.
    * On a 7-9, you can stop them for the moment. They'll have to go through you, first, and that's an option they aren't afraid to take (at that moment).
    * On a miss, the MC can make as hard a move as they like, as normal. You somehow get yourself directly involved with the action you tried to prevent (like, if you tried to stop a crowd from beatin' on someone, now you're their target).

    Against PCs:
    On a 10+, choose both. On a 7-9, choose one. On a miss, the MC can make as hard a move as they like, with input from the targeted PC.
    * If they listen to you, they mark experience.
    * If they refuse, it's Acting Under Fire.

    Fucking Hostile:
  • Tried in the Fires of Pain and Death: Whenever you take a debility, take an improvement, as well.

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    I'll Sleep When I'm Dead - when you are on a job that tikes time and do it in none, roll +weird. On a 10+, you're fresh as a daisy and ready to do it again. On 7-9, pick one.

    It's ready next session, but:
    * There's this final touch that needs adding.
    * You've exhausted yourself - take 3 harm ap.
    * There's this thing you forgot. Must've been not too important, right?

    Nameless - when you use someone else's name, you can roll +weird instead of +hot to manipulate and seduce.

    Puppy Eyes
  • Fucking Hostile: When you go aggro, regardless of your marked stats, mark XP. If whatever stat you use for going aggro *is* marked, only mark XP once, not twice.

    Puppy Eyes: When you're so damn adorable no one can resist, add +1 to your manipulate rolls, but take -1-forward to your next hard roll.

    Charming Young Ruffians
    Break Hearts & Bones
  • Charming Young Ruffians Your gang is a bunch of pretty litle dandies. Add your gang's size as a bonus to any attempt to Seduce or manipulate when they're hanging around.

    Not with YOUR dick.

    Doing Well by Doing Good

    Don't Mention the WAR!

    -Jim C.
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