Game Chef: Edge City

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This is my thread for my contribution in the Game Chef challenge. It is named Edge City.

I will post snippets from the game here, and questions about it, and are very grateful for any and all comments you make. Praise, questions and critical comments are all helpful to me in this process.

The initial text reads like this:

The Edge
Edge City is a cityscape on the edge of the world. The literal edge. The world is flat, and on the western side of it lies The Great Desert. This desert stretches from the far interior of the world, to the edge, where Edge City lies, like a dark scratch of stone and glass in the bleak sands.

Edgers are highly sensible people, urban and sophisticated. They walk asphalted streets, talk modern, and drink caffe-latte mixed by baristas. So this game is basically about YOU; a modern human being, placed in a fantasy on the edge of a flat world.

You are scientists, and your great task is to explore The Edge, the very real precipice on the western side of Edge City. The game is focused on the journey you will take part in, as the great crane takes you all down through the layers of the world ...

- So; what do you think? Does it sound interesting?


  • Tomas--I'd suggest taking this to Praxis, which is explicitly for Game Design. Click on the "Game Design" tab at the top of the page.
  • Ah, yes, at last something I can use Praxis for! Will do!
  • I like the opening so far
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    Thanks, Tad. The design-thread is now to be found HERE.
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    The game-design is on the move, with two games emerging from this one idea:

    - role-playing the edge of everything you know ...
    You, the brave citizens of Edge City, have volunteered to man (or woman) a bronze capsule to be hoisted out into the void, outside the world. The world is flat, of course, and you live in a thriving, modern city on the very edge of it. However; your life up until now has been less of a success, quite boring, actually, so you grabbed this opportunity with both hands. As a test pilot in the void you will experience some excitement, at last ...
    (this game is in English)

    HULLET (The Hole)
    - toxic role-playing on hurt and bravery
    You live in Hullet, an old city of our world, situated through the centuries around the moaning vent of a volcano. You are citizens of the city, and scientist, and now you are enlisted to explore the toxic depths of the volcanic vent. You will be hoisted down there with your scientific peers, in a cramped capsule that travels painfully slow. Your academic accomplishments can only be matched by your inability to function socially. You have left a wake of misery and hurt on your way through life. On this expedition the hurt will come back to haunt you ...
    (this game is in Norwegian)

    One comedy, and one horror/psychosocial drama (?).
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