Testing, testing. Ignore.

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    nothing ...
  • test
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    The loudspeaker continues to repeat the same dull message. "Testing, testing. Ignore." Those same words echo over and over again, their cold repetition a suitable soundtrack to the abandoned penitentiary. The floors in the East Wing are wet, slimy mold growing in some locations. The walls here are hewn of stone, rather than the uniform poured cement that you've seen elsewhere in the compound.

    As you continue on through the East Wing, you feel a damp breeze on your neck. The origin is unclear to you. "Testing, testing. Ignore." The words are still present, but they're fading as you move deeper into the East Wing. The breeze feels stronger, with each step you take.

    "Testing, test..."

    There are no loudspeakers in the East Wing. It's just you and the uneven stone, here.
    That is, until you hear a voice. What does it say?
  • "Quick! Put this on you fool!"
  • I look around to discover the source of the new voice, or at least see if I can figure out what "this" is.
  • You can't tell until you slip the goggles over your head. "Those are what the fancy scientists call 'hyperspectral goggles', but I think of them as 'ghost goggles'. This place is swarming with the angry spirits of those who have been wronged, and they lust for revenge. The slightest brush and they'll lock you into a duel of wills for your very soul. You can see them now; stay as far away as you can."

    When you turn to examine your newfound friend, you find he's the very same sort of spectre he describes.
  • I dodge his touch and sprint the other direction.

    Jaysus, how big is this place, anyway?
  • Well the emergency exit map just below the fire alarm is no use - if I followed it I'd be jumping out the window at the end of the corridor and assembling 'in a calm and orderly fashion' in a squashy mess five floors down.

    But the map is confidently labelled 'Area 34 of 3', so ... Uh, that big?
  • Against my better judgment, I walk to the end of the corridor and raise the window. It's stuck shut, the frame paint sealing the moving parts, but it finally gives in a shower of paint flakes. I poke my head out, and...
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    ...immediately catch a faceful of what must be pepper spray. I slam the window shut and run blindly screaming through the halls, until I happen upon the sound of flowing, burbling water...huh? It sounds like a fountain or something. Whatever, my face is on fire. I immerse my head, and...
  • ...hear the shriek of the bathing woman. She rears back with something large and blunt. Merciful oblivion wraps around you...
  • My vision returns, as it always does, a little softer, a little less focused like a fading echo. I see the console, the controls here in the hospital-turned-asylum-turned-prison-turned-ruin. Fading echoes of purpose reflected in -or upon- its inhabitants: the sick, the deranged, the depraved, the - dead?
    My memories are already fading; the pseudo "scientists", the investigators , the drunken thrill-seekers. Each one an opportunity to escape, coming less frequent-frequently-frequency-frequency...
    I lean over the console and speak into the P.A. microphone:
    "Testing, testing. Ignore."
    "Testing, testing. Ignore."
    "testing, testing. ignore...."
  • (This exquisite corpse story is absolutely beautiful!)
  • "Testing, testing. Ignore."
    "Testing, testing - "
    Mmmm ... what's this?
    A fresh meat-suit.
    Let's see if it fits ...
  • Got a crazy idea about a card game called magic university except I'm gonna use mochicas for a setting no you cant blame me for this I'm peruvian and I've been studying mochicas since college however the game will have a humorous atmosphere where players are students and have to prepare an spell for their exams the whole deck is split between all players and you get to choose a progression of 1 card the first turn, 2 the second, etc, from whichever player you want you just need three an ingredients card, a power source card and a special conditions card but each time you get all the three cards and cast the spell you roll the dice because there's a chance a number of things may go wrong so you roll a d6 and draw that many cards from any other players hand cards are divided in two the upper side can have either distractions things that help you reduce the error margin things that let you steal cards from other players and of course the aforementioned power sources ingredients and special conditions the game atmosphere should feel somewhat competitive and fun since you may never know what could go wrong whenever you cast an spell since casting a perfected and controlled version of the spell is an exam in the university you better get all you need and all your notes before casting it before 12 turns or you won't pass whatcha think?
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    …before I even got accustomed to how the meat-suit fit, I was blindsided by an aural neurovirus gatling gun firing loquacious rounds directly into my Wernicke's area. After the 3rd conjunction, I fell into an aphasic torpor as the violent staccato of morpheme bullets blasted on sans any pause for punctuation. At last, the lexeme barrage ended in a nonsensical query — "watcha think?" — by which point, my consciousness was already riddled with word shrapnel. I found myself in a pit of aphasia so deep I couldn't understand which way was up and promptly fell on… um that thing you fall on that is under your um… my words… where are my words?!? …testing, testing, ignore…
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    Damn. No dice.
  • Confusion comes with no brain no body but somebody is with me speaking.
    Igore.......... who?
    Questing.... for what?

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    don't we need some dice in here? I mean there is a plugin... :-D
  • The Machines came yesterday - or was it a year ago? No matter.
    They tore down the old walls that held the echos in. They poured cement into the underground chambers and awoke that which slumbers.
    There was Meat in the Machines but they had minds of gears; minds occupied by limits and rules and ideas not of their own making. Minds shrouded in steel and stone and glass and false safety.
    No matter.
    Soon others will come - the architects, the artists, the thinkers and the dreamers. Then the revels will begin! Screams and cries will echo anew, freed from there fleshy shells! Oh, what games we'll play...
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    Oh God, not more weird hippy shit. I just want to kill orcs.
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    The contruction site looked great in the dark , twisted forms and towers of scaffold pits and spikes. The kids climbed its towers there was Josh the bravest high in the moon lit sky spraying with his dented can,, "ORCS RULE Ok. "
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    So why do they call themselves the Orcs asked some kid on the way to school with his friend? They come out at night was his companions reply as they both looked at the site.
  • Hey, GearMeat. Roll 2d6 -1 for "false safety". And -3 for "shrouded mind". GM's gonna kill an Orc.
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    Actually, I've recently 'come out' as an orc (you've no idea of the double life I led for so many years) and, from now on, while I have breath in my wonderful orc body, I will fight the Human persecution of my race. You have been warned, Humans.....
  • Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.
  • And that was how they found him.
  • Meanwhile, it's good to see our SEO rankings are holding up...
    Click through. Fo' realz, yo.

    Interestingly, if you include the dash in your query ("story-games"), a page from Avery's site appears in the #10 slot. Otherwise not.

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    [removed at James's request.]

    Yes, that hyphen is absolutely key. Avery's page is amazing in this translation. (Particularly given the photo up top.)
  • Can we please not do this?
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    2 fudge dice... (Rolled: 2dF. Rolls: +, 0)
  • Ok so I type: <roll>2d6+3</roll> and this is what I get...
    (Rolled: 2d6+3. Rolls: 2, 5. Total: 10)
  • (Rolled: 1d68. Rolls: 12. Total: 12), (Rolled: 1d68. Rolls: 2. Total: 2), (Rolled: 1d68. Rolls: 41. Total: 41), (Rolled: 1d68. Rolls: 41. Total: 41), (Rolled: 1d68. Rolls: 60. Total: 60)
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    (Rolled: 1d17. Rolls: 1. Total: 1)
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