[NBPVII] Nerdly Beach Party VII! (Sep 17th-19h)


So, I know I mentioned it on Twitter/Facebook and it was retweeted, so some of you already know this, but the Seventh Nerdly Beach Party is nigh!

Nerdly Beach Party is a small, informal Camp Convention at San Simeon State Park on California's central coast. Registration is a mere $35, covering the campsite, breakfasts and lunches, and a weekend's worth of gaming. The menu tends to run towards a mix of indie games and small press titles, but the schedule is entirely built from what attendees are willing to bring and interested in playing.

If a weekend of good weather and awesome gaming sounds good to you, surf on over to The Registration Page to find out more and sign up.

You can register at: http://ryanmacklin.com/nerdly/

And we're doing all our planning on a Google Group. http://groups.google.com/group/nerdly-beach-party-vii

Post-NBP VI Discussion

- Ryan


  • We'll be starting the game sign-up process in the next day or so, starting by soliciting games people would be interested in playing or running.

    - Ryan
  • Ryan,

    Is Nerdly really going to be from Thursday the 16th to Saturday the 18th? Or did you typo the thread title :)

    - Colin
  • The past few Nerdlies some people have arrived Thurs afternoon, but most of the action is stiff Fri-Sun..
  • Fixed typo! Thanks for catching that.

    - Ryan
  • My son Milo and I are now registered and signed up on the "Who's Coming". I'd encourage people who tried out the South Bay Games Day to give this a try.
  • I'm looking into it now -- I love camping and I love gaming!
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