Didn't get to play Blowback at GenCon? I'll run it for you on Skype!

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So I've been feeling bad that some people told me that they weren't able to find a game of Blowback to play at GenCon, and I know a lot of people bought the game while wondering if they'd be able to get their home groups to try it. So here's what I'm going to do!

For the next month, every Monday at 9 PM EST, I will run a one-shot of Blowback on Skype. If you're interested, email me (eshoemaker AT gmail) at some point before the Monday in question. If I get three players, the game is on. If not, I'll email everyone Monday morning to let them know the game is off; if they want, though, I'll still be available to talk about the game and field rules questions.

Games are capped at five players. If demand exceeds supply, I'll consider running this a bit longer. First game: this Monday, August 16th!


  • Wow, I work on Monday nights so it's not possible for me to join in on this, but I've got to say: it's totally kickass!
  • This is crazy talk!

    Starts a little early for a Midwesterner with 2 kids, but you never know...
  • Really? I was afraid it started a little too late. I'd be willing to bump it an hour later with group consensus.
  • I'm in Vancouver - so 8 EST is 5 PST so, yeah, a little early for me. I want to play, though. Damnation!
  • I'm predicting a recurring theme. 9 PM it is!
  • As soon as my copy arrives, I am all over joining a game!
  • Now that you've moved the start time to 9PM, I'm more likely to be able to join in on one of these. But it'll have to be one of the sessions closer to September, so that my kid's bedtime routine is back on track.

    If an August 30 game goes ahead, maybe you can pencil me in for that one?
  • I'm your huckleberry. Next couple of weeks are crazy for me, but end of month, the 30th, looks good. I'll drop you an email.
  • So far, it looks like 4 slots are open for this Monday, 2 slots are open for the 23rd, and 2 slots are open for the 30th.
  • I'm going to try for Monday 16th!
  • Yesterday didn't happen, but I have full games for the 23rd and 30th! Which brings us to the end of the month.

    So here's the deal going forward: if you get a group of 3-5 people together to play on a Monday evening, give me a week's notice and I'll run it for you guys. Whatever Monday. If I've somehow already got plans for that Monday night, we can work out another evening.
  • This is such a cool idea. I love the fact that the sometimes joked "I'm the writer of X game, and I'll come and run it at your house" is happening.
  • Elizabeth, you absolutely rock on toast! I thought that running a month's worth of weekly games was pretty cool as is; but to make the offer valid indefinitely is even cooler.
  • It's an awesome game, I love playing it, and I love helping other people learn to play it. I get as much out of it as anyone, but thanks!
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