[Purchasing Decision Poll] What's cool on Lulu?

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Lulu just mailed me and told me I have a 20% discount code good through tomorrow. So, what's good to get these days? I've got my on Love in the Time of Seið, for sure. Anything else?



  • Yes, get Dread, now. Yes, I know, the cover sucks but the game is great.

    Our very own Andy can say a lot more about it.

    And yes I wrote some stuff for this game after it went out, I just love it.
  • Mythic Russia is back in print (on demand at least), both in softcover and hardcover, and you can pick up the PDF version now too.

    The game uses the HeroQuest 1st Edition system, but there's plenty of historical and fairytale goodness to be gleaned from the text (which is what I am doing).

  • Total self-promotion here, but what do you expect? ;-)

    You can buy all my currently available games on Lulu: Now, I will note that A Flower for Mara on Lulu is a lower quality than the edition that I've been selling, since Lulu's POD process doesn't print the gradients as sharply as I wanted for that book. But it is available.

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  • I heartily recommend ENnie-nominated Escape From Tentacle City by Willow Palecek, if dark comedy survival horror is your thing.
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    Tentacle City is on Lulu now? Awesome!

    Thanks for the recs, guys. Dirty Secrets and Mythic Russia are both tantalizingly aligned with my interests. A Flower for Mara, I'd probably rather have the prettier version.

    Oh, and I actually LIKE 1st Edition Heroquest, so there's that.
  • All the issues of Fight On! are good, if old skool is your thing.

    The Shadow of Yesterday is up there.

    The Story Games Name Book.

    A bunch of my stuff is available on Lulu as well - Grey Ranks, Drowning and Falling, Last Train Out Of Warsaw.
  • Hey Joel,

    When a bigtastic setting game hooks me, it's almost always as a prospective GM. Greg Saunders' Ruby is the glorious, noteworthy exception, an awesome bigtastic science fiction setting I want to play! (The verdict, however, is still out on the actual rules.)

    And if you grew up playing early D&D, or have any interest in OSR games, check out Dragons at Dawn. It's a guy named Dan Boggs' researched effort to reconstruct rules for how Dave Arneson was running the game that became Dungeons & Dragons before Dave ever taught it to Gary Gygax.

  • Of course Diaspora is there and so is our experimental system-free setting, Deluge.
  • Oooh, I've been burning with curiosity lately about Arneson's roleplay! Thanks, Paul!

    Shadow of Yesterday on Lulu (Hardcover with James West art, step off haters!) was totally like, my third story game purchase!

    Thanks for the reminders about the name book and Fight On!, Jason.

    OK, new game: what TOP THREE Fight On! Issues do you recommend, and why? Everyone can play!

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  • Joel, do you have The Society of Dreamers yet? I haven't gotten a chance to play it all the way through yet, but i loved the playtest draft, and it's currently in the mail. It does a number of really cool things. Character creation is totally rad, for example.
  • By a happy coincidence of timing, the end of July is also when my latest RPG-in-a-month is done.

    It's free, but you could always take advantage of the lulu offer to get a shiny physical copy...

    It's all about a kind of alchemy.

    I tried to place my order and found out that the Free Summer Shipping deal that's running doesn't work with the 20% coupon (since they're both coupon codes), so unless I order a whole shit-ton of stuff, the discounts CANCEL EACH OTHER OUT.

    I am mightily bummed, and trying to decide what to do.
  • Montsegur 1244. When I last looked, Lulu was the only place it was available, so don't miss out on that.
  • Well, Society of Dreamers is on sale right now for $10. Last day tomorrow.
  • Oh, that was a sale price? Now I wish I'd bought it.

    Anyway, folks, I made my selections. Didn't QUITE make out like the bandit I was hoping to be, but money is tight that incompatibility with the free shipping took the wind outta my sails. Oh well. The good news is that if I find I can afford more, I can still take advantage f the shipping deal throughout summer.

    And I don't feel too bad since this thread clued me in t some surprises I wouldn't have otherwise found! S thanks! And even though I'm done we can still use this as a handy call-out thread for cool Lulu products. I wanna see those Fight On! fave lists, folks!

  • all my d101 Games stuff is on Lulu. Storygamers might want to check out Wordplay The Big Five , a generic storytelling system similar to HeroQuest but using D6 dicepools, and Monkey the Storytelling Game of the Journey to the West.

  • Jaws of the Six Serpents is on there, along with a lot of my other stuff.

    Yeah, with Lulu coupons you have to do a bit of investigation to find out how they actually work. But at least they seem to be doing them a lot. I think the summer free shipping only applies up to a certain order size or a 19.95 discount or something - but can be applied to multiple orders.
  • The moment seems to have passed, but I'll drop a link to My Storefront in here too for anyone who's interested in having a browse.

  • Actually it's free shipping on 19.95 and UP.
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    Posted By: JoelOh, and I actually LIKE 1st Edition Heroquest, so there's that.
    I second Wordplay as well.

    Also, Awesome Adventures is a great build of FATE.
  • The shipping deal is long over, but I'm going to pimp this here, anyway. I finally got around to re-laying-out the game poem book that I put together for GenCon this year (in a limited numbered edition, lucky you who got it there) up on Lulu, so if twenty-four short appetizer games for cheap sounds good to you, take a look:

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    Lulu has such deals every now and then, just keep an eye out.

    Yesterday I started filling a basket and I will submit it whenever we get the next offer.

    Love in the time of Seith - DeBracy hyped it and Archipelago II on the NordNordOst blog, NordNordOst Lulu

    In harm's way: StarCluster - I'm getting strange Honor Harrington-vibes from this game, and I have been looking at the In harm's way-series of games for quite a while now. Lulu

    While the World Ends - A few more copies of my own game, to sell out out of my backpack at cons and such. Lulu

    Version Noll - Alternative rules engine for Mutant Undergångens Arvtagare. (Swedish language) Lulu

    Also I want Annalise but I can only find it as PDF, but I hate forests so I only buy games made of dead trees.
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    Also I want Annalise but I can only find it as PDF, but I hate forests so I only buy games made of dead trees.
    The printed versions that were available from Lulu were interrim editions. Now that there's a final version it's not so odd that they've been removed. Right now it seems we'll have to go to IPR to get Annalise. Check http://www.findannalise.com/ to be updated.
  • Re: Annalise - yup, DeBracy's right. And, actually, the Final Edition uses some spiffy printing tricks that aren't available through lulu, so printing through lulu is a no-go. IPR has all of the remaining print stock.
  • Alexandre mentioned it, but Rafael is basically selling Dread and SPITE and all supplements at basically "cover price", which basically makes for some of the best deals ever seen in gaming.

    Plus, the Crux PDFs are free, so you can see for yourself what you're getting into before buying.

    Dread: The First Book of Pandemonium is one of my most favorite games of all time.

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