DW Bradley's Wizards and Warriors

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Does anyone remember this game? It came out for Windows PCs in 2000 when I was 14. I remember saving up for it for weeks before its release and then having my grandmother get it for me for my birthday instead. I played the hell out of this game, on an old Pentium 2 computer that could barely run it. The load times took forever!

As a result of my computer being slow, I never finished it. I got to the second tier of classes and made a Ratling Ninja, was was friggin' sweet, but I didn't play much after that. It kept crashing and killing hours of progress. I lent my copy out to an ex's father and he never returned it.

Now I find myself wanting to play it again, but I've since made the transition from PC to Mac (and back to PC and then a final return to Mac). A Mac version was never released and I'm trying to decide whether installing Wine or dual-booting my laptop would be worth it. I loved that game.

Anybody else have any fond memories?


  • Wow, I can't believe I never heard of this game. Judging from the screenshots, it looks like you can have a rat-person, a tiger-person and an elephant-person in your party! Sweet!
  • Humans, elves, dwarves, gnomes, pixies, lizard people, tiger people, rat people, elephant people, and boar people!
  • Dude. I'm all over being an elephant person.

    Are you sure it will even run in a more recent OS?

    I've diddled with Parallels, but you basically need the resources of two computers to make stuff happen. Since I only needed it to see how Internet Explorer was fucking up web designs, I lost patience quickly and reclaimed the HD space.

  • It should run fine -- I was running it on XP a few years ago. You could always check out compatibility stuff online, I'm sure people have tested it out on recent operating systems.

    It's interesting that no one seems to know this game -- I guess it's name obfuscates things, as there was a popular console sidescroller series on the NES (and other consoles, maybe?) called Wizards and Warriors back in the day. This game didn't really make a splash outside of the CRPG/grognard circles, I suppose.
  • Oh dear god I was obsessed with that game.

    DW Bradley was famous from his earlier work on the Wizardry series, most particularly (I believe) Wizardry VII. Then Sir-Tech went kind of dead for awhile and VIII was this spark on the horizon that was never going to appear, which was incredibly painful because it was to be the third and final portion of a trilogy that started way back in Bane of the Cosmic Forge (Wizardry VI).

    I loved *that* story to death - none of it made it into the actual gameplay except at certain predefined moments, but the huge tragedy revolving around a magic pen that can write truth into existence, but taken from its place of power only creates horror somehow really clicked with me in my early teens. All the changes end up being twisted in Monkey's Paw style.

    Wiz VII was an insane game - huge world with the story basically being a giant treasure hunt. The truly painful thing was that other people who were looking for The Giant Foozle could find the maps (basically text-based clues) before you, so you'd go through this dungeon and fight the boss only to find the final treasure chest already empty.

    W&W is what Bradley went on to make when he left Sir-Tech.

    I don't remember if I ever finished W&W. I remember the Angel and the Sword (the Maven?) and how you had to do guild quests before you could level up inside said guilds. One particular part of the plot that seemed to develop early on was that there were plenty of Chosen Ones running around, all of whom had be personally touched by heaven, which made the idea that some member of Your Party was really the Chosen One a little sketchy.

  • Since Activision owns this property, and they are selectively moving titles to the iPhone/iPad, you might send them a letter to encourage them to port W&W there. Seems like the hardware demands of the game would be about right for the platform, and I bet it would work pretty well on the iPad.
  • Oh, good idea. That would be awesome!
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