[GPSE 2010] Call for Attendees - NC Mountains October 15-17

My wife and I just got back from the mountains of North Carolina for our annual vacation. We had a great time!

Specifically, where we stayed at has a nice group cabin that could handle up to 44 people (but I believe it would be better for a group of up to 20 or 25). They have a great zip line course on site and there are many places to eat nearby. Also, the group cabin has a kitchen we could use - not as good as Camp Nerdly, but usable.

I'm looking to head there in October. Is anybody interested? At a minimum, I'd want a three day weekend (Friday - Sunday) and about 10 people. Preferably, I'd like to see about 20 people for a Thursday - Sunday where we did the zip line, possibly hiked and maybe even rafted the Nantahala. The staff seemed pretty certain that we could arrange for room for the people attending at about $20 per person per night. Exact costs would depend on the amount participating.

Falling Waters Resort
Group Lodge

Rooms: 8 bunks, 1 toilet, 1 shower - I'd recommend one room.

Thursday night: ~$57 per room
Friday and Saturday night: ~$75 per room/night

Zip Line: $69 per person

Totals: $57 + $75 x 2 = $207
Given the current 4 people = $51.75 + $69 = $120.75 per person plus food and fuel costs

Confirmed Participants:
Mark C.
James J.
Jeff R.
Jeff C.



  • I'd be interested.

    I'd get more of the Tennessee contingent, but unfortunately Drew/Gaerik is gonna be in South Africa by then...

  • A very excited provisional yes!

    Very excited because this sounds awesome, provisional because I don't yet know for sure my availability in October, but weekends ought to be open.
  • I could be down for this.

  • Sounds good. Early October would work for me!
  • Excellent. That's a good start of support. If you've tapped in (or tap in later in the thread), please answer the following questions:

    1. What weekend in October works best for you?
    2. Is arriving on a Thursday or Friday best for you? (If we have a mix, that may be fine as well)
    3. What non-gaming adventures are you interested in (zip line, white water rafting, train tour, etc.)?
    4. Would you be more interested in eating in the area consistently or cooking for ourselves consistently?

    To answer my own questions:
    1. Right now, any weekend besides the one including Oct. 1-2 is okay. I will know more when I get more information about my MBA program.
    2. Thursday provides the most time for adventuring and gaming.
    3. I'd like to zip line, definitely. I'd be up for rafting if it were a group consensus excitement thing and not a "some people feel dragged to it" thing. Everything else I've probably already done but would be willing to do again.
    4. We could try to save money by cooking, but it would depend on how many people show up, really.
  • 1) Any weekend should be OK.
    2) Any time. Late Thursday would work for me (after work, most likely).
    3) Anything but rafting. I do canoeing/rafting in the late spring/summer. In the late fall, even in NC weather, for me it's just like throwing a welcome mat out to getting a cold/sick. Zip line would be interesting, if it's not too more expensive.
    4) Hmmmm. Honestly down for either. With tons more people, the complication of eating in the area increases more dramatically ("Table for 30, please!") than cooking.
  • First or second weekend is better for me. Friday arrival for me. I love rafting but that's an all-day deal. If there is a kitchen we could all bring our own food.
  • There is a kitchen, but I think I only saw one refrigerator.

    Zip line costs depend on group size but the website shows $59 to $69 per person.
  • 1. Any but the last (Halloween) weekend.
    2. Either Thursday or Friday is fine.
    3. Anything!
    4. Cooking is fine, I'm flexible. I bet we could bring some coolers to ease the refrigeration burden if it's just for a weekend. Or we keep sending Andy to Bryson City for dry ice.
  • 1. I'm not sure which weekend just yet! (Stupid schedules)
    2. I will most likely find Friday evening arrival more do-able, but if it happens to be a 3 or 4 day weekend for my job, Thursday would rock
    3. Camping stuff and gaming stuff are all good!
    4. I like to cook and I can bring big fat coolers in my pickup
  • Sooo much contingent on costs, I can't hardly say for sure ATM. Dragon*Con is the previous month, donchaknow. But:

    Yes, I'm interested in the basic idea of a "house con" at a big group camp site in the cool, clear mountains in Fall.

    Weekend - Kind of doesn't matter, but later in the month is better, both for temperatures (I like cold camping) and to earn a paycheck or two after D*C.
    Arriving - I would have to drive up Friday, but I could do it in the AM (i.e. work four 10-hour days that week).
    Off-Site Fun - None. I do a lot of "adventuring" throughout the year, but only get to do non-stop gaming about three times a year.
    Eating - I think a mix is best. Eating out is tricky with a big group and it costs a bit more; but trying to cook two or three meals a day AND do some serious gaming is probably a bit much, too. Any chance of delivery, there? :)
  • That barn looks beautiful.
    I might be interested. I'll check out the website.
    How far is it from Prince Williams Forest?
  • Posted By: Nathan H.How far is it from Prince Williams Forest?
    About 11 hours, including food and bathroom breaks.
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    OK, more information after talking with Mark:

    This is going to be quite different than Nerdly. Nerdly it was "show up, meet people, play games, cook and eat, that's about all".

    This is more like "show up, play RPGs, do some outside stuff together (zip line, etc), play some more games, cook/eat, go home".

    It's about 6-7 hours from the Triangle including gas and food stops (5 hours by Google Maps). Pretty much anyone from Charleston SC, Macon/Atlanta GA, Nashville TN, Cinncinnati OH, Huntington WV or Roanoke VA will be driving about the same amount of time.

    Also different: Camp Nerdly NEEDS to have a certain number of people to succeed. At the newer campsite (the last three years) at least 20-30 people needed to be there to have sufficient fun. For this camp, you only NEED 4 people. Each room in this cabin (of which there are several) has four cots and a bathroom, so basically as long as we have at least 4 (preferably 8, 12, 16 or more of course) people, we're golden.

    The cabin has a meeting room, which Mark eyeballed. We can reserve it for ourselves for some low price. It can run about 3 concurrent loud RPGs, or 4 where people watch their noise levels.

    But this is extremely scalable: Again, the absence of a need to get a minimum headcount is going to make it more relaxed. It will be a little bit pricier than Nerdlies due to conveniences and the zipline (which will be a part of the exercise; gaming and very - Very - light adventuring), but still worthwhile I believe.

    We'll be figuring out a system of sign-ups and payments via Paypal so we can always refund in full if something happens.

    Since it's further from DC, that decreases the likelihood that people from DC will come, and it's not really near any airport. But hopefully its location might attract SG-ers from other states (TN, OH, WV, GA, SC) that might not otherwise come to Nerdly.

    All in all, it sounds like a fun weekend. I'm all in.

    EDIT: Here's the location to help you decide.

  • I'm looking at either the weekend of October 1 & 2 or the following weekend of October 8 & 9. I have a couple of things to sort - whether or not the Thursday nights in those scenarios will have an exam schedule and which of the two weekends I'm going with my in-laws on vacation to celebrate my niece's first birthday. I will let everyone know as soon as I do which weekend this is set for.
  • My interest is piqued. Room for one more?

    One thing: October in the Smokies is going to be fairly cool. Probably days in the 60s, evenings in the 30s and 40s. It could also be nonstop freezing rain. Make sure people bring appropriate clothes and blankets.
  • I could come up from FL, if other things fall in line.

    I'd prefer to arrive Thursday, as it would be around an 8 hour drive.
    I'm interested in pretty much any outdoor activity that doesn't involve me bringing my own equipment.
    I actually prefer eating in. So long as we don't make anything too terribly complicated, just get it 90% done beforehand and throw it in the oven when it's time.

    Hooray for cold weather!
  • Depending on cost I might be able to attend. Since its August and too humid right now, cold sounds wonderful..
  • I won't know some details about my work schedule until closer to October, but with what I know right now, I definitely want to go whenever it happens!
  • So far 9 total people interested. Definitely doable. I'll know more next week after my first class.
  • Okay, my niece's birthday celebration is the first weekend in October. That (unfortunately) locks us in to the same weekend as DC Gameday. However, I don't think we'll be a big drain on their normals - except for maybe you, Jeff (forlorn1)?

    I'll find out soon if there is an exam on that Thursday but either way I'm planning on the second weekend of October.
  • I've decided to move the dates back on this event one week to include Thursday October 14 - Sunday 17. Can everyone let me know if they can make these dates? Sorry to be switching the dates so much.
  • That's workable for me.
  • I think that'll be good. I may not be able to make it on Thursday.
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    Mark - I didn't see this the first go-round. Is there still room for more people?
  • Clinton - yes, we can do as little or as much as we want (they can take 60 or so). 20 would be my personal maximum for organizing this. So far it seems like we have about 8 or so.
  • Oh, crumbs - this is the same weekend as the Rails Rumble. I think I'd rather hang with my game people in the Smoky Mountains, though, so count me in. Who knows - maybe we'll design an online game and I can participate in the Rumble from there.
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    I'm adding a list of confirmed names up top; I'll be making a reservation soon.

    If your name isn't on the list, it's because I need confirmation of the dates I have - October 14-17.
  • My confirmation is under the same terms as before: enthusiastic but slightly conditional. I think that'll work out, and hopefully this will mean I can make it to DC Gameday too, but the nature of my work is such that working on weekends occasionally happens, and frequently on short notice.

    This sounds really cool!
  • I'm 90% certain that I can go, but I'll need cost info to make the final determination. I'd prefer to arrive Thursday as it looks like an 8 hour drive for me.
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    Jeff R: I'll put you on the list. Let me know when you can if you have to cancel.

    Jeff C: If it helps, I'm sure I could arrange for a room at my house (almost directly off of I-40 west of I-95) if you wanted to come the night before and caravan or ride together in a rented van. I'll put you on the list for now, let me know if I should remove you.

    It looks like we're going to get about 8-10 people, so I'll start running the numbers based on that.
  • I am still in Mark. Got a tentative kitchen pass this morning and it's on the calender.
  • Jeff R: What is your hometown or home state? I'm adding that to the list above and am considering logistics.
  • Well, my hometown is Houston, Texas, which is where I am right now. But I'll be coming to the event from Fayetteville/Fort Bragg, North Carolina
  • Jeff R: Yes, that's what I meant. Also, the offer I gave to Jeff C. is available for you if you'd like.
  • Thanks, Mark, but driving up from Fayetteville won't be too bad
  • I'm going to try to get pricing estimates by the end of this week. Look for more information soon!
  • Rooms: 8 bunks, 1 toilet, 1 shower - I'd recommend two rooms.

    Thursday night: ~$57 per room
    Friday and Saturday night: ~$75 per room/night

    Zip Line: $69 per person

    Totals: ($57 x 2) + ($75 x 2 x 2) = $414
    Given the current 7 people = $59.15 + $69 = $128.15 plus food and fuel costs
  • Sounds good so far, Mark. Thanks for your leg work in all of this.
  • That's very reasonable!
  • Everyone that is in, please email me at the email address in my profile. I will want to make a deposit pretty soon.
  • Hey Mark, sorry to throw the math off, but due to other obligations I'm going to have to back out.
  • Remi,

    I'm sorry it didn't work out, but maybe next time!
  • Given some cancellations, here's where we stand:

    Rooms: 8 bunks, 1 toilet, 1 shower - I'd recommend one room.

    Thursday night: ~$57 per room
    Friday and Saturday night: ~$75 per room/night

    Zip Line: $69 per person

    Totals: $57 + ($75 x 2) = $207
    Given the current 5 people = $41.40 + $69 = $110.40 per person plus food and fuel costs
  • Do you guys have room for two more? If Jeff C is going than I feel like I haves to go! I missed you at ConCarolinas!!!
  • We do, actually. We had dropped down to 5 total and with two more, we could have a pretty good group. Please email me your information.
  • Mark, this looks great. Thanks for the work of getting it all together. Do we need to get you money to put down a deposit?
  • I'm trying to make sure we have a quorum first. I'll transfer you from the Maybe to the Confirmed.

    Sarah, are you confirmed for two individuals?
  • Sarah, also, you might want to look at getting a yurt - I would have recommended the yurts for us (better facilities all around), but they only have one queen bed in each and I'm not sure people are cool with that. If people are, I recommend them. Better bathrooms/showers, access to a hot tub, laundry room, etc.

    If not, however, be aware that the shower and bathroom are a little spartan in the barn.
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