[Hearts, Clubs & Murders] Ashcan/throwaway copy on lulu

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Let me say this right off the bat: If I knew Graham Walmsley was doing A Taste For Murder, I would have never written this. Once he released ATFM, I kinda lost interest in the project, but here's the latest version for your perusal, downloadable free from lulu.


So what's this? By association with ATFM, it's obvious: it's an Agatha Christie murder mystery-type oracle, with a few game mechanics bolted on. It's far from polished, but hey, what the hell, free games. If you read or god-forbid play it, let me know so I can make it better some time down the road.

Oh, and the cover sucks because it was auto-generated online. And the layout sucks because my Publisher decided to crash and burn and took the pretty version with it. So, despite what the text says, the document was NOT laid out in MS Publisher, but in Open Office.

Tell me how hard it sucks.


  • Oh, that looks really interesting. Have you tried playing it?
  • Posted By: TeataineTell me how hard it sucks.
    Damn, dude, you worked really hard to convince me not to open this.
    If you wanna give the pitch a second try, sans a litany of self-deprication, perhaps that'd be more effective.
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    Posted By: McdaldnoIf you wanna give the pitch a second try, sans a litany of self-deprication, perhaps that'd be more effective.
    Didn't at least a little bid of sarcasm leak through that?

    Anyway, I'm not trying to sell this, so I'm not looking for effect. I'm not proud of it, it's not a finished game, it doesn't work reliably. I'm just trying to warn you, in my own, hyperbolic way, that your experience will it might be bad. It's just a little thing I worked on for a while that has reached a standstill, but I want it out there because someone might find it useful or offer me useful feedback.

    Be sure that when I get something out that I'm happy with, I'll announce it with all the fanfare. (When I get Pilgrims to Ruin done or my AW hack is finished.)
    Posted By: GrahamOh, that looks really interesting. Have you tried playing it?
    Several times, both with my girlfriend and my gamer group.

    It relies a lot on the player's skill and genre-savviness to produce effect. You have to introduce your own speculations and facts to make sense of the relationships. Then about 65% of the time you get really cool stories like "the murderer was the father of the murdered secretary's employer, because she was blackmailing him with proof of his son's homosexuality" or "the killer was the sister of the victim's husband, because the victim was a slut that slept around a lot, including with the sister's fiancée". And the other 35% all you get is just a relationship map with no friction at all.
  • Gregor, we should get in touch about this. If you let me have some copies, I could at least give them to interested people at conventions. Perhaps I could stick a copy in when I send out A Taste For Murder. Anyway, there's stuff we could do.
  • Graham as cool as that sounds I think the game needs several more playtests and a rewrite before I feel comfortable actually handing it out to people. I don't want to distribute what I feel to be a flawed product. But yeah, let's keep in touch. Paul and thor said they would try to play it, so...
  • That is a fantastic attitude. Good luck with it. Tell me if there's anything you need.
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