San Fransisco Bay Area Story Gamers Unite!

Would anyone be interested in getting together starting this summer for some story gaming? I live in Santa Cruz, but could reliably make it up as far as the San Jose area to game two or three times a month.

Depending on how things turn out, I may even have a pad to host games in starting in September of this year!

I have a player or two already (maybe more, maybe fewer; my friends are unfortunately like that), and would be looking to add two or three more to the collection. If we get too large a group we can always start running concurrent games (or games that are amenable to a large number of people).

I haven't thought about this too deeply yet, but I'd like to start discussing and making plans with people now so we can try and get at least a few sessions in starting this summer. Post here if you're in the area and interested, and maybe we can get ourselves a gaming group!


  • That's a little far south for me, but there are some S-G folks in the Peninsula who will hopefully speak up.
  • I'm always up for getting together, but Santa Cruz, and even San Jose can be a bit far. One of my Mouse Guard players lives in Palo Alto, so I may be able to nudge him to meet up with you guys. If you're thinking of less of a regular thing and more of a mini-con thing, keep us in the loop. Maybe we'll have that GOPLAYSFBAY site up by then...
  • @Jesse: I'm not really sure what this will end up being at this point.

    I misrepresented myself geographically--I actually have friends and family in the Sunnyvale/Mountain View area. I can make it anywhere from Santa Cruz to Palo Alto reliably.

    If we could get a semi-regular group going that would be great, but less frequent mini-cons could also work.

    We'll see what other interest we can garner.
  • If you can make it up to Oakland, EndGame has excellent minicons at their store about 4x a year.

    Always some really nice games, despite whatever Jesse and I are running;)
  • My SO's family lives in the south bay, so I'd potentially be interested in coming up from LA for minicons.
  • Posted By: Caesar_XIf you can make it up to Oakland, EndGame has excellent minicons at their store about 4x a year.

    Always some really nice games, despite whatever Jesse and I are running;)
    I wonder if I am capable of running "nice" games?
  • I can totally make it up to Oakland for a mini-con type thing.
  • I'm in the South Bay and considering how I might organize some kind of game event. I've done a few small story game anthology nights out in my backyard, and they've worked well, and on the strength of that success I floated the idea of a minicon to the folks at my FLGS... they might be interested in hosting a larger event than the two tables I can fit onto my postage stamp of a lawn. Maybe you should whisper me your email address, in case of a house event? If I secure the cooperation of my friendly local, I'll shout from every rooftop, of course.

    We'll see what happens with Go Play SF Bay, which you ought to start keeping an eye on (perhaps on Twitter) - that seems promising. And as mentioned above, the minicons at EndGame are pretty indie-games oriented. I was at the April event and was amazed at how well it was run; it was a great time and I can't wait to make it back to Oakland.
  • I live in the East Bay (Oakland) and I would love to play some indie games. Spirit of the Century, Apocalypse World, Dogs, Polaris, whatever, I'm down. Anyone else?
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    Edit: date back up in the air. Watch this space. We'll have a game day at some point this summer!
  • Hey! I totally live in Oakland these days. Depending on scheduling and location, I can get down to the peninsula.

    Yeah, I'm the guy who is getting Go Play SF Bay off the ground. It's slow, but watch for us on Twitter or Facebook and as things happen people will find out!

    - Ryan
  • I'm in Palo Alto and would love to meet up for some games!
  • Hooray! I am down for all of this.

    I especially want to try Polaris. I ordered a copy from IPR weeks ago and it still hasn't arrived. :(

    Anyway, let's figure this out and play some games!
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    OK, let's try this again.

    I talked to the events manager at Game Kastle, which is in Santa Clara right next to the San Jose airport, and determined that we could have as much table space as we need on Saturday, 10 July. I know that this conflicts with DresdaCon up in Oakland, but (1) I note that DresdaCon is full of players, and (2) it's a one-game event (all Dresden Files, all the time!) on the other side of the Bay. We should be able to coexist.

    Game Kastle is open that day from 11 to 9. So, supposing (tentatively) that that there would be free gaming/socializing starting at 11, and then a scheduled session starting at 3, how many people would be interested in doing an indie games day down here in the South Bay? Ideally, responses would look like "Yes, I'd come, bringing X friends", and maybe "...and I'd like to run a table of game Y" if applicable. No pressure! We'll make it fun for everyone.

    If I get at least two pings, we're on.
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    Man, Colin, I would if I wasn't sort of committed to the mini-con based around this little game I worked on...

    That said, we are trying to find one or two more GMs for Dresdacon, to accommodate more players.

    If you do get it off the ground, let me know and we'll use GPSF to promote it!

    - Ryan
  • I'd come, and I'd likely bring two or three friends.

    I'm sort of shy when it comes to running games for people I don't know (and sometimes even people I do know!), but we'll see. I'd like to get over this sad fact, so maybe I'll run something like Mouse Guard or In a Wicked Age (both of which I know pretty well).

    So yeah, there's my ping!
  • Excellent! There is no pressure on anyone to run games; do what will be most fun. I'll make sure that there is a slot for everyone.

    Ryan, yeah. I really tried to find a better day, but this was the only Saturday I could swing (and the store could do) until late August. We'll do it again this fall, if there's demand, and make sure we don't collide with EndGame. I'm definitely looking forward to my next gaming trip to the East Bay.
  • I expect an offline ping tomorrow, and if that happens, the event is go. That said: any other takers (even tentative) for 10 July in the South Bay?
  • ccreitz, it looks like July 10th conflicts with Endgame's Desdacon

  • I know. It was the best I could do under the circumstances. As I said above, it wasn't my first choice of date, but I figured it had at least a slim chance of flying... but then, I'm an optimist. No big deal! I will regroup and plan to organize a South Bay event sometime after the second week of August, on a more auspicious (and less crowded) day, maybe more like midway between Dresdacon and the October event at Endgame. It's still going to happen, but it just won't happen on the 10th.

    Joey, if you (and your friends) are interested in doing a game night sooner than that, I might still be able to pull a smaller thing together. Whisper me and we'll see about schedules and locations.
  • Sounds good! I think the August event will suffice; by then Apocalypse World will be out and I'll hopefully have a few games under my belt. :-)
  • If you bring and run Apocalypse World, and if there's room for me in that game, I will so play the hell out of it. I have played ONE SESSION of a game with a GM, in which someone else was that GM, since 2003. Please help!
  • Consider yourself first on the list, then!
  • If anyone is getting together any games around Oakland/the East Bay, feel free to add me to the list. I'm playing Apocalypse World right now at Endgame and enjoy a lot of other games as well.
  • Sounds like the 10th is off, but there'll be a date sometime in August? I could try and run Dread or 3:16 or something FATE based...
  • It sounds like there's some enthusiasm for later in the summer, so I'll figure out a good date in late August (or maybe early September?) shortly. There will be a thread, which thread will be on this here site here, soon, and I'll propose a date and collect feedback and figure out how we'll do signups. Maybe even find us a special guest - perhaps the Bay Area-based authors of recently-released, high profile story games will be on hand to sign their work, or something? Maybe even a cute mascot, although I don't know how you top the eggcub. Details will be forthcoming shortly, in any case.
  • Piping in late, but I'd be up for a South Bay event in August.

    I'm based in Redwood City halfway up the Peninsula.
  • Just got Apocalypse World. I will learn it and play it prior to the August event -- hopefully I'll be up to running something at our mini-con!
  • Excellent! I'm sorting out my travel plans for August right now. As soon as I know when I'll be back in the Bay Area, I'll start a new thread announcing the event.

    Also, yeah, I want to highlight Vincent's Hot.
  • Hey,

    Me and a few friends in the South Bay/Peninsula are into indie games. We're watching this thread closely! Just wanted to throw that out there :)
  • If I don't have previous commitments on whatever date gets chosen, I'd be glad to come to a South Bay games day and run Apocalypse World for 3-4 players, 4-6 hours. And if it's on a day I can't make, I'll look forward to hearing how things went.
  • I sense that Apocalypse World is going to be the new hotness. Carl, I know you've run it as a con game. Could you, maybe in another thread if you think it appropriate, explain how to play it in a 4ish hour slot to best effect?
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    I'll be happy to, once I figure that out. Right now I have it down to 5 hours. Perhaps John Harper could explain how 4. I'll start a thread on How do you run Apocalypse World in 4 hours.
  • I am in for some Apocalypse World.

    And Colin, you are too late. It already IS the new hotness;)
  • I'd play in the Apocalypse World game!

    I'm glad things are rolling along. Glad to meet you lot. :)
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    Interesting: the shop will be open 11-9. We coud have a shorter slot and a longer slot, like 11-2 and 3-9, if people prefer. There's nothing sacred about 4 hours. 3 is plenty for Fiasco or Penny or 3xPuppetland or Gun Thief (or its secret evil twin) or Showdown or two real time(!) games of Stoke-Birmingham 0-0, 12 as written. Lacuna or Mouse Guard or Storming with pregens, too. I have run Cthulhu in less time, and Dungeon Squad. If you stand on the gas pedal, you could play almost anything in three hours (sorry, HotB and Grey Ranks, not this time).

    That would leave a nice long slot for AW, or that HotB demo you've always wanted to run.

    How do people feel about that?
  • That sounds good. I really want to play Apocalypse World and Fiasco or Gun Thief.
  • I'd be happy to run Fiasco in the morning. A 3-4 hour slot is fine to get that game to its utterly devastating end.

    Then take a break and play in some AW:)
  • Nice. I think I'll avoid running anything for this one -- I haven't run too much stuff outside of fora and I don't think I'm up to running a con game, even a mini-con game. If we do this again in the future, though, I'll definitely give it a shot!

    I'd love to play Fiasco and AW, though. :)
  • It appears that the entire CA playtest population for Fiasco is represented in this thread, so I suspect that there will be no shortage of powerful ambition, nor surfeit of impulse control.
  • Let me know when. I'd be happy to run some Mouse Guard or In a Wicked Age if the dates work out.
  • Posted By: jessecoombsLet me know when. I'd be happy to run someMouse GuardorIn a Wicked Ageif the dates work out.
    Yeah. Setting the date is the most important thing, IMO.
  • It will be one of the last two Saturdays in August. I just talked to the store and we're working out details.
  • Would this be newb friendly? I've some PTA and one session of Inspectres under my belt, but that's about it.
  • I imagine that it's going to be super newb friendly, given the pool of games and GMs/facilitators that seems to be coalescing.
  • Pick one of those Saturdays in August, and I'm down.

    - Ryan
  • Sounds good to me, too. Macklin and I might even drive down "Thelma and Louise" style.
  • I should have details on Monday. You guys will want to come over the Bay Bridge, cross San Francisco, and come down the Peninsula on the 1. It's not the shortest route, but there are some SPECTACULAR cliffs in Pacifica…
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    Join this Google group. Further information will be available tomorrow. Pencil in 28 August. Ryan, warm up the Go Playmobile, please!
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    The store just confirmed that we are on for the 28th. I'll update the group and start a thread a little later tonight, after toddler bedtime but before plum canning o'clock. Yay!
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