Oh, hey, a new forum...(for Alps-Adriatic players)

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In light of the recent discussion in the Lucca thread I realized we have absolutely no organisation regarding games in Slovenia, no real meetups or internet enclaves, basically only one functioning friendly local game store in the whole country.

Then, while cruising the dark places of the internet, I ran into a bunch of players from Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Italy...all looking for a group, all disorganised. In an effort to set up an international nexus for these people I threw a vanilla board together real quick. It's free, it's ugly, it's barely functional...but it exists. So now there is a place for all the people from the Alps-Adriatic region to visit, find players or groups, cross borders. If you're from that area, you're invited, if not, you're invited, too!

I really hope we can get at least a small community going.

At the moment, the board can be found here: Alpe-Adria Games
We might migrate to a better place if things really start rolling.

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  • Cool idea. Something similar, but focused on Austria is what I had in mind for Story-Games Austria, but for various reasons (Lazyness on my part, mostly.) it never really got started. Still, the domain is there and maybe I'll do something with it someday.

    As for now, I totally joined your forum. :)
  • Our Italian forum Gente Che Gioca has a "Ricerca Giocatori" (searching players) section, where you can post where you live and the kind o games you would like to play. It's a very indie-focussed forum, so you'll have more luck finding people to play Montsegur than D&D.
  • Cross-borders is an interesting idea! I imagine that the distances down there are rather small, really, so it makes sense to look for gaming even in another country altogether.

    Do you have any examples of good pair-ups in terms of population centres and distances in the area? For instance, I do my everyday gaming within a 25 kilometer radius of my home, which seems to be about normative for Finnish roleplayers. However, I also don't think much about dropping into a convention 300 kilometers away now and then. This doesn't take me nearly to another country, though - how is it in Venetia?
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    Moreno, I know it, but Gente Che Gioca is in Italian and for Italian players only. I love what you're doing there and I would visit more often if my Italian was better. However:

    1. I want to create an international community. Ambitious, I know, but I'm hopeful.

    2. Almost every forum has its own "find players" section, Italians have GCG (at least for the indie scene) but we don't have anything like in in Slovenia and I'm not aware of anything like it in Croatia either (or Bosnia or Serbia) and Aaron says there is nothing like that in Austria either. What really motivated me to do this was seeing people from Austria looking for a group in Slovenia on another forum. I'm trying to create a sort of meta-place. An Interzone.

    Eero, from where I live, Italy is like 5 minutes away. Otherwise it's a couple of hours here or there. More or less the same for Austria or Croatia. Not close enough for regular gaming, but for conventions, expatriates and desperate gamers...good enough. I don't know where this will go. It's an experiment.
  • Re. Peoplefinder: One thing I'd love to see used more is NearbyGamers. It has its issues and I'm not online as much as I should, but it's a nice and free place to plant your flag, declaring "Here I am and this is what I like. You can reach me here, here and here.".

    For the aborted S-G Austria I had an extra Tab as a link to NearbyGamers and got a couple of people to register there.
  • Good idea. Unfortunately I can't add tabs or anything here...I'll just make an announcement thread.
  • Posted By: TeataineGood idea. Unfortunately I can't add tabs or anything here..
    Yeah, from a user perspective vanilla2 looks kinda ... spare. Is there a way to add extensions to the hosted forum?
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    No, not yet at least. There's also only one theme available at the moment. I'm sorry I did such a rushed job, didn't check all the options before I kicked it off.

    If this survives the first month, I'll probably cash out for a proper site.
  • Posted By: TeataineI'm sorry I did such a rushed job, didn't check all the options before I kicked it off.
    Pfff, no reason to apologize, better to do a good-enough job now then fret over making things perfect and never getting anything done. (Talking from experience there.)

    I was just surprised that the hosted forums allow practically no customization, when with Vanilla as I know it (ie. pre-2.0), one of the big draws were the loads of extensions.

    As for real hosting: It's pretty cheap. I pay 5 Euros a month and get WAY more then I can use. For a basic forum like Vanilla, anything that gives you a database would be enough, so that should be available for, dunno, 3 euros or less. Maybe a bit more, depending on what domain you want.
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