Very Brief Design Contest - With Prizes!

Since it's my birthday on Monday I'm holding a contest! It's only a short one, you'll probably write less than 500 words in total, and I'm offering some prizes too! Since I'll be using a poll to pick the winners, I'm using RPG Net as a host but I'll happily accept entrants from any RPG site so feel free to tap in here if you're interested. The full details can be found here:

RPG Net Thread

Anyone interested, I'll need a contact email so I can send out assignments and keep track of all the participants. Feel free to whisper if you don't want to give public details.



  • I'm working on the official rules & guidelines document at the mo, and will send it out to all the participants in a day or two. In the meantime, any more for the skylark? I'll be sending out assignments soon after the rules are up, but people will still be able to join in long after the official start of the contest.

  • Wow, 22 contestants already :)
    I'm expecting to run the contest until the end of May, since it's only a short one, but you can chip in at any time and I don't mind supplying people with random word selections even after the time is up if they want to take it on as a challenge. Natch, prizes will only go to people who got their entry in before June 1st, but I'll accept that as being June 1st anywhere on the planet. Don't worry about time-zone.

    The official guidelines will go out later today, and I'll start sending out the assignments soon after.

  • The contest guidelines just got sent out. If you don't receive a copy in the next hour or so, and wanted to enter the contest, it's probably because I don't have your email or have the wrong one. Either way, please let me know and I'll sort it out!

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