[Blood Red Sands] Resisting pain with a trait (skill checks)

edited April 2010 in Story Games
Suppose the Chronicler says, "and the evil vizier locked Grund in the dungeon (here's a d10 for constraining him)". The player can accept, contest, or clash (provided that the evil vizier is actually a component and not just story color). Why not allow Grund to try to bust down the door or pick the lock using a quick system that's a lot less drawn out than a clash, but doesn't take over the position of Chronicler and make it so the event never happened in the first place? What I'm thinking of is based on a Contest but the winner gets spoils (like removing a constraint) and the dice. It's kind of a mini clash, but without all of the gravity and fanfare. Why wouldn't players just resist each incidence of pain with a trait? If you fail, you get even more pain. Here's the idea:
A component may use a trait to attempt to resist pain. The Chronicler uses the die offered for the pain and the player chooses a die from their Dice Horde equal in size to the relevant trait or smaller. Spoils: the Chronicler must wager a weakness first: "Failed to ..." (whatever was being attempted). Flinching reduces it to default spoils with no other ill effects. The winner gets the spoils and the die (unlike in a contest, where the loser would get the die, but dice gotten from Boneyard wagers go back to the Boneyard, as in contests). Default spoils for the Chronicler are a weakness: "Failed to ..." and the default spoils for the player are to negate the pain inflicted by the Chronicler.
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