What game for this con theme?

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I'd like to enter something for Arcanacon in Melbourne in Jan 07. The theme is 'Legends of the Silver Screen'

The Golden Age of Hollywood is generally regarded as being the era from the advent of the talkies around 1930 until the end of the 1940s. Already an industry where mere mortals were raised up to the adulation of thousands, the actors that graced the screens of cinemas seemed to have been raised above the difficulties facing the audience through the Great Depression, or given the forms of heroes fighting the good fight in World War II.

Despite thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, more movies having been made since that time, the names of actors of that era are still easily recognised - Greta Garbo, Bela Lugosi, Humphrey Bogart, Katherine Hepburn, Clark Gable, Shirley Temple, Groucho Marx, Mae West, Judy Garland and many more.

In 2007, it will be Arcanacon's 25th birthday - our silver jubilee. And following on in the 'silver' theme, we're running this year's con with a theme of "Legends of the Silver Screen". The focus of the theme is primarily on the actors of Hollywood's Golden Age, but is also meant to encompass the mythology of cinema in that era.
What do you think, Story Games? Indie games are starting to get noticed in Melbourne (DitV and BW both at the city FLGS) – what's something that would go with this theme and knock people's socks off?


  • I could totally see a MLwM master based on Bela Lugosi's performances. (I'm afraid that that's basically where my knowledge of the actors you mention stops.)
  • From all I've read, Evil Hat's upcoming Spirit of the Century would be a pretty good match.
  • In a fit of self-promotion, I could actually see Cold City being used for this. No, wait, hear me out!

    CC is heavily influenced by noir films such as Kiss Me Deadly and The Third Man and I've always had in my head this image of greatcoated figures casting long shadows as they stalk through a monochrome Berlin. I even have a cast list...

    Richard Widmark as Major Harry Cullen, former US Army intelligence offcer dragged into this murky underworld of politics, spies and monsters...
    Herbert Lom as Comrade Vyachislav Rogen, seedy and shady Soviet spy with a sinister past...
    Jean Marais as Capitain Pierre Rousseau, swashbuckling former cavalryman who saw too much that day in the Ardennes...
    Stanley Baker as Jack Barnes, youthful British agent from one of the more secret parts of the Foriegn office...

    Crikey! Now I really want to run this myself.

    But on a more serious note, CC lends itself well to the atmosphere of fear, paranoia and tension exhibited in film noir.

    Or Best Friends could be used for a bunch of actors behind the scenes and on film. In the public eye, they seem the best of friends, but what goes on behind the scenes? What do they do to sabotage one another? Does the film even get made in the end?

  • Breaking the Ice and Shooting the Moon could both be used for the big musical romantic comedies.
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    Prime Time Adventures serial.

    Flash Gordon, Perils of Pauline, Undersea Kingdom.

    Oh, right. Commander Cody. Yeah Lucas aren't you just as slick as snot trying to slip that one by us.
  • Another idea (actually one i've been kicking around in my head for awhile): Feature Film Adventures! You use PtA, but instead of dividing SP by episodes, you do a three-act structure for a movie. Everything else is exactely the same, but you just compress the action movie-style so you can play the whole thing in 2-4 hours. You could totally do Silver Screen Adventures!
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