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Announcing a Major Change at Fight On!

After some serious soul-searching we’ve decided to change the focus of our fanzine here at Fight On! Henceforth, we will be known as


We hope to soon be recognized as the premier aesthetic journal of sophisticated story gaming endeavors. With art and articles from well-known mainstream, indie, and (formerly) old-school personalities, there’s sure to be something in our fine publication for every well-informed theoretical sensibility!

Check out issue #9 of Tell On? in PDF right here:



  • [1] Tell on

    Okay, I get the joke: the link doesn't work. I'm April's Fool, I didn't see that the link is wrong, when I hovered the mouse above it. :)
  • [2] Tell on

    I especially liked "Bacchanal with Porn Stars".
  • I decided to start a game publishing contest called The Hardcore Freegan Game Publishing Contest.
  • I made a screenshot of my art work process!

    Work Process Video
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    The newest version of Dwarf Fortress has been released, and demand has crashed the site. You can download it via mirrors from the wiki though.
  • So, the vignettes I just posted in Bite-Size AP? They're actually part of a larger exploration of How Playing Vincent Baker Games Produced Some Beautifully Heartbreaking Roleplaying.
  • [1] DF

    Hallelujah! But won't it be buggy for a week or two?
  • [2] Dwarf Fortress. OH NOES. I've been so productive with my life in the year-and-a-half since last release. Oh well, it was a good run.
  • A new month means a new State of Open Gaming post on the Year of Living Free blog. Of the dozens of games linked to, story gamers might be particularly interested in Revolucion, the two new Hackbirds (Alien Survivor and Darkening Skies) and the transhuman Eclipse Phase.

    But please, check out the entire blog post.
  • [3 Tell On] The question mark really makes it.
  • We follow up last week's great Out of Character teaching podcast with one about: Teaching Roleplaying Games. Not quite as great as the teaching board games podcast, but still pretty cool. A lot of discussion about introductory stuff, and we branch out into other areas as well (Choose Your Own Adventure, MUSHs/MUXs, etc.)
  • [1 Free Games] That's a pretty awesome list (and I'm not just saying that because you included my game, but thanks for that too).
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    Dresen Files preorder is live.

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    It's not until Sept 3-5th, but you can already pre-register for PAX Prime (in Seattle). Since it sold out completely last year, it might not be a bad idea. Luke, among others, has been preaching the glory of PAX as being even better for our interests/purposes than GenCon, so why aren't you going?
  • I've started to post a preview of the artwork for Dead of Night second ed over at my blog.
  • For fans of low-rez, high production-value game design.
    Small Worlds.

    Headphones or speakers recommended. the sound design really adds to the atmosphere.
  • [small worlds 1]

    Definitely recommended. To me, this almost doesn't qualify as a game, but it certainly qualifies as something worth experiencing.
  • RyRy
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    [1 northerain's process] Very, very cool.
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    Classic Traveller Starter Set is free on rpgnow HERE

    Get it while you can, enjoy some Traveller goodness

    EDIT: Make sure to view your order afterward. I believe that's where the charts are stashed.
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    You all have about one day left to preorder "Sleep is Death", the less-than-$10 version that will be available on Friday.

    Talk about "Story Based Gaming", this looks like a new hotness. Whether it's solid or flash-in-pan will be determined within 24 hours of release.

  • More gaming goodness from back in the day.

    A reconstruction of the Blackmoor campaign rules has been released:


    The PDF
    At Lulu
  • Paging Jason Morningstar...

    Freaky Russian Boardgame Art
  • [1 Ukiyo-e Star Wars] I'll speak for all of us by saying, good Lord, that's awesome.

    Now all I'm waiting for is the western sci-fi adaption of Ryunosuke Akutagawa's works.
  • I never read fanfic, but Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality is well worth a look. By Eliezer Yudkowsky.
  • [1 Freaky Russian Boardgame Art]


    Oh shit, I just found the box cover for my Mad Gasser of Mattoon game!
  • [2]Russian board games. That's Chemical War" by A.V. Kuklin. The text on the bottom:"State Publishers".

    Other cool titles: "Revolution," "Red & White - War Game," two variants of "Air Battle," "circular distillations" (?!?), the map is "Traveling the USSR by Airplane," "Game of the Riches of the USSR," "Flight from Moscow to China by Airplane"... "Young Friend Automodeller," "Maneuvers of the Pioneer Groups 'Young Friends of Air & Chemical Defense,'" "Sea Battle," militant game "Battle," war game "Modern Battle," "Tank Battle."
  • Kieron Gillen of rock paper shotgun takes on the argument that videogames should be more like pen and paper rpgs... and busts out some GNS.
  • Remember that "post a picture you'd like to play in an RPG" thread? This gallery of Mort Künstler paintings on Accidental Mysteries would pretty much own it. Künstler was a cover artist for men's magazines in the 1960s, and these paintings are masterworks of lurid pulp action:


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    [Mort's Art 1]

    And there's tons more (some of men versus the wild, like kayaking versus a bear, and other themes) at the auction site:

  • For those that hate long hair pointy ear elves or just like cultures as classes
    Talislanta is now free and downloadable. Includes permission to print hard copies!!

    The setting is worth checking out

  • Hope this hasn't come up before.

    Dave Morris and Jamie Thompson, goddamn kings of the British choose-your-own-adventure book scene back when it was a scene, and writers of the recently resurrected Dragon Warriors RPG found boxes of unpublished material long thought lost in the back of a cupboard (no, honestly) and are putting it up at their blog here.

    This includes stuff from the last 6 Fabled Lands books that were never published (Fabled Lands was a sort of perpetual world adventure gamebook fantasy series. Each book covered a different land in a fantasy world and you could just wonder from one to the other, doing quests, being a merchant, exploring. The technology it used - if that's the right word was genius. Keywords to track changes in the world due to your actions and clever little intersticial paragraphs to introduce context-appropriate random encounters)

    It also includes notes and stunning concept art for an MMO they were developing a long while before WoW happened - a phantasmagorical, John Carteresque exotic fantasy setting called Abraxas. It looks beautiful. An interview with them regarding the fate of the MMO over here.
  • [Dave Morris 1]

    Dave Morris! I still have the Knightmare books somewhere. He always seemed to make the stories much more compelling than the Fighting Fantasy standard. The hours I ploughed into those things- the stories (as distinct from the CYOA material in the back) were superbly written.
  • [Alternate Star Wars 2]

    Feudal Japan: Gorgeous! I wanna see Luke, though!

    Icelandic: Very cool. "an old Germanic legend of a fatal conflict between a father and his treacherous son" reminds me of the Skywalker Paradigm (sad note: the link in the thread is defunct).

    I also love gems like these: The etymology of “xwingi” (nom. *xwingr?) is unknown; numerous editors have proposed emendations, but none is considered particularly plausible. It is likely to be another humorous Irish mispronunciation of a Norse word.
  • 2008's Game Chef Honorable Mention Spectre of the Beast: a Storytelling Game of Civilization, Suffering and Triumph is entering its final round of playtests.

    Just sayin'.
  • [Dave Morris 2]
    Wow. Imagine a world in which THAT paradigm launched a thousand MMOs.
  • Found on somethingawful:

  • How to destroy the Earth – in case you're stuck for ideas for your supers game.
  • [3] Russian board games
    Posted By: Jason Morningstar[2]Russian board games. That's Chemical War" by A.V. Kuklin. The text on the bottom:"State Publishers".

    Other cool titles: "Revolution,"
    I love how the center of the spiral board for this one says, in happy letters, "Welcome to the World Revolution!"
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    I blogged about the Indie Saga Series thing I'm running at Modern Myths Comics and Games. Here's what I have before-the-cut:

    So this is the first in a hopefully-regular series about the Indie Saga Series1

    Hey there, everyone. Welcome to a forest floating in space, peopled by slight, hollow-boned humanoids with a culture steeped in poetry and ritualistic torture and murder. This is no forest moon of Endor we're talking about here. This planet, Yzalyx (a name that is extremely likely to undergo linguistic drift in-fiction), as well as its sisters, Lorax and Zisa, were created using Emily Care Boss's Sign in Stranger — part of it, anyway. At the start of the game you do an exquisite-corpse-like thing, where you write a thing, fold the paper over, and hand it to the next person. We then picked a world that seemed the most interesting, and played a session of Vincent Baker's In a Wicked Age.... to see a story in the prehistory of this culture.

    Today, I've got the details of the worlds we made, with the one we wound up gaming on (Yzalyx) getting more detail than the others.

    I played this session with the manager of Modern Myths Comics and Games, Jim Crocker, as well as two dudes who just wandered into the store, Seth Ascher and Joshua Birk. I had the sense that Seth and Joshua weren't super-familiar with indie RPGs, and I know Jim hadn't played the game beforehand2.


    1: In brief, I run indie games, one after the other, but building up the same world. You can see more info on my Story Games post on the subject.

    2: It's important to note that this store didn't have any copies of IAWA before the game started, and Vincent, hearing this, set something up special to make sure Jim had copies to sell when the game happened. Also, Jim offered to pay for all my printing costs. He rocks.
  • For anyone looking around at different Larpin' rules, I give to you Ruritania: 1844.

    Have a good 'un.
  • Zombie LARP how to... video!

  • [1]Zombie LARP: That looks really fun! And the HOWTO video is smart.
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    I've just gone and posted the cover to Dead of Night second edition on my blog. I'm rather fond of it (and the new logo).
  • [Dead of Night: 1]

    WOW. That cover is amazing. Want.
  • Posted By: Andrew KenrickI've just gone andposted the coverto Dead of Night second edition on my blog. I'm rather fond of it (and the new logo).
    [Dead of Night 2]
    This looks pretty hot! Plus this has seen some solid, intermittent play. What's changed in a second edition?
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    Posted By: Saint&SinnerThis looks pretty hot! Plus this has seen some solid, intermittent play. What's changed in a second edition?
    Thanks! The game is still the same game at its core, I've just tightened up some rules and made it a little sleeker in places. The big change is in the look (Paul has illustrated the whole book as a series of movie posters) and the much-bolstered playing sections (there's a huge new chapter on running the game, genre by genre; monster archetypes are looked at in more detail and so on).
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    19th century scroll of Japanese mythological monsters unveiled:

    It's like a classic Monster Manual without the stats!

  • Blueberry Garrden - persistent ecosystem (setting) plus storytelling solely through interactivity (actor stance). Makes me want to play it; remind me a tad of ImmorTall, which we kicked around last month.
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