Gamestorm 2010 was a damn fine time.

Mickey (GeekGirlsRule), Leslie and I got there on Saturday afternoon. After settling in we spent a little time hanging out with Matt and Shannon, the couple who do the Seattle Geekly podcast, then we broke ranks and Leslie and I played a fantastically stabbity game of In A Wicked Age. After that I socialized and then went to the indie publishing panel which started slow, but ended up engaging and fun. After more socializing and wandering about I went to a nice brewpub with Harper and we had some nice beer and food. I got back and jumped into a game of Hot Guys Making Out with Mickey, and Pol and Karin Jackson which Karin described as "smut chicken." Who blinks first? All I can say is that white wax dripping down a candlestick was excellent color to the action taking place. Then drinks with Harper and Carl Rigney.
I spent the next day mostly socializing at the indie hurricaine booth and eating great food from the farmer's market out front. I went to the game design panel and that was a good time.
It was awesome to see the crew, who mostly live too close for me only to see a few times a year, to meet a few new folks (hi, Brian, Tiffany, Vincent, Twylla) and to just chill.
Oh, and I bought a copy of Heroe's Banner.


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    Man, this is crazy, but I think I had just as much or more fun at Gamestorm as I did at GoPlayNW.

    --John Harper ran a wicked fun game of Apocalypse World (with 6 players! There were 6 players and it was still fun).
    --I got to play Rock of Tahamaat, Space Tyrant with Vincent Baker.
    --my Burning Empires game was fun but a struggle, giving me lots of food for thought.
    --I played a demo of Joel Shempert's in-development game The Dreaming Crucible, which all signs indicate will be great fun.
    --the con ended (for me) with a very, very satisfying game of Fuck Youth.

    I also bought the demo/preview of The Dreaming Crucible, the preview version of Apocalypse World, and the final version of The Drifter's Escape.
  • GameStorm was indeed a damn fine time! Even though my time at the show was limited. Mellow, lots of indie games, lots of other. Amazingly, I didn't play a single game of Dominion.

    Apocalypse World: lookin hot.

    Joe McDonald's WIP, Heart of Ashes: yes.

    And what finer thing can you hope to see in a con program book than "Danger Patrol: AXE COP"?
  • Had a FANTASTIC Time!!!

    Recap at:

    The highlights were enabling the game of Smut Chicken, and hanging out with people I don't get to see very often, even though some of them live less than five miles from me.
  • OH hell yes!

    I'm poor. I paid $45 to game for a day and half. And it was worth every penny and then some.
    It was great to see all my Portland/Vancouver/Olympia gaming peeps that I just don't see that often. And good lord, the games!!!
    I played a short demo of Joel's The Dreaming Crucible, and immediately had to buy it because it was so awesome! After that, a game of IAWA with Ogre and Christian, run by Johnzo. I was slightly disappointed by the lack of demon-fucking, but it was still great. Then dinner and hanging out with Pol and Karin Jackson, who are awesome. Then a completely kickass game of Montsiegur1244. So boss. The next day, I ate delicious things from the farmer's market, and bought some SOCKS! Then more hanging out, just enough to make it really, really hard to leave.

    This weekend was so awesome that today just kind of automatically sucks.
  • Posted By: lesleymacThis weekend was so awesome that today just kind of automatically sucks.
    Yup. is kinda like con methadone for me.
  • Hans, you have broken the first rule of 6-Person Apocalypse World Club. You have also broken the second rule. :-)

    Man, what a fun weekend. At 1am on Saturday morning (after my amazing AW game with Jackson, Joe, Johnzo, and Brendan), Vincent looks blearily over at Carl, Twyla, and me and says, "I either need sleep or beer." I have never before seen a beer ninja'd into someone's hand so fast and smoothly (nice move, Twyla). 6am came around in a blink.

    I only got to watch a little of the Montsegur 1244 game, but damn. There was magic radiating off of that game like heat from a bonfire.

    Danger Patrol: AXE COP is the most right idea ever. Brendan's mad genius cred is now unassailable. Hmmm. Actually, Carl Rigney is a true contender. A mad genius deathmatch inside a volcano is now our only option.

    This con was the perfect blend of great gaming and wonderful, chill, hang outs. It's what I always want from GenCon but it's much harder to arrange there. The climactic embrace at the end of Sunday's Sea Dracula game (with swelling music provided by the live band) perfectly captured the emotional high I was on at that moment.

    I will definitely be back next year.
  • My most casual con experience ever: i signed up for nothing.
    I played a little less than i would have liked (though Carl pointed out that even if i'd have gamed for 72 hours straight it wouldn't have FELT like enough), but those games were wonderful & memorable.

    thanks, everyone. Hanging out with friends and having experiences that you care about is how to win story-games, and this weekend, i totally won.

  • Thanks for coming everyone!
  • I had a fantastic time. Thanks for bringing me out!

    I'll tell about it later. Right now I have the worst head cold ever and I can't compose a single thought.

  • Posted By: misubaJoe McDonald's WIP,Heart of Ashes:yes.
    That was the most fun I've ever had running a game session, probably.
    I'm super stoked on Heart of Ashes, right now.

    Fun stuff:
    *Seeing so many awesome faces.
    *Successful games of Heart of Ashes, Perfect and Ribbon Drive.
    *Trying Clover out for the first time, and liking it.
    *The game of Apocalypse World that started around 4:30pm and rolled on until 1:00am.
    *Playing in Joel's annual "and now I take a classic media property and subvert it" game (using The Solar System)
    *Brunchin' it up with some folks on Saturday
    *Chilling out and relaxing and not feeling some crazy pressure to get more games in
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    This was my third year and definitely my best! Had a great time, including:

    Dogs in the Vineyard with Vincent: so good. My Complicated History Daddy's girl was shaken to the core. I wrote about it here.

    Apocalypse World with Vincent: also so good. The Firefly vibe was going strong. I wrote about it in the same place.

    Heart of Ashes with Joe: wow. A solid game that brings the children growing up ad coping with a dangerous world thing, HARD. My asthmatic tagalong was shunned by the other kids and adopted by Ratboys.

    Where Are Your Keys? with Willem: I had a lot of fun playing this learning game with Nick, Jim and others, and discussing where these fun concepts can take us in designing games and teaching games.

    Rebellion in the Mushroom Kingdom! in Solar System: Total double-plus fun. We had a sad and browbeaten Mario, a self-absorbed and scheming Princess, an incorrigible, sleazy Kamek and a clueless Bowser who wooed through carnage.

    Spectre of the Beast: a great playtest with Tyler and Johno from the Eugene Storyjam crew. Urbanites, highlanders and gypsies culturally mixing to disastrous effect.

    My Life With Master: I got to be a Cardinal driven to purify the sins out of his parish. I burned sinning hands with coal, jabbed needles through flirting tongues...and got hurled through a stained glass window! (A fun side phenomenon in that game: my friends Mark and Kam played it, along with their teenage (?) son. Yay for gaming across the generation gap!)

    The Dreaming Crucible: My new game about going into Faerie to work out your adolescent pain was a hit! I didn't have it scheduled, since I didn't know if it would be ready to play. But I sold a bunch of copies, it demoed well, and saw other folks playing it in the lobby of their own volition! I was so pleased.

    Sea Dracula: It wouldn't be Gamestorm without some awkward crossing of personal boundaries and rectum-themed dancing! I was happy to humiliate myself for the cause.

    You may notice that this looks suspiciously like every game I played--it is! That was how fun the con was for me; every event was a "highlight."

    Thanks, everyone!

  • Posted By: joepubJoel's annual "and now I take a classic media property and subvert it" game (using The Solar System)
    Next year: Emo Hobbits.
  • Posted By: JoelMy asthmatic tagalong was shunned by the other kids and adopted by Ratboys.
    ...through break-ins, attempted arson and sleeping in a nest... you were reborn!
  • Smelliest Key buyoff ever!

    I wanna hear more about your Ribbon Drive game, Joe!
  • Posted By: JoelI wanna hear more about your Ribbon Drive game, Joe!
    Me and Jackson Tegu and Peter Adkinson and his friend Stefano sat down to play a game of Ribbon Drive in their (Peter/Stefano) hotel room on Sunday morning.
    I brought some coffee.
    We played the CDs off his laptop, connected to speakers I borrowed from Brendan.

    Peter's CD was a sorrowful country album. Mine was called "How Do You Make The Heart Do Tricks?", and was listless indie music.
    Stefano's was mostly rap, in the "welcome to the big city, ain't it shine so bright?!" tradition (Jay-Z, Kanye, etc).

    We encountered the CDs in that order. We never got to Jackson's.

    We got "A Country Boy Will Survive" as our first song.
    So, we're settle upon playing folk leaving a small town that just got a Walmart:
    Lars, a hunter and butcher, who feels that the town is no longer "real", and that he needs to find somewhere real and then bring his wife Janet down to the new place
    Kyle, a violent teen, who feels like he's been betrayed by those around him, and needs to leave town
    Grace, his step-mom, who's hit with wanderlust and a sense of quiet desperation, and takes to the road under the pretense of keeping Kyle safe
    DJ Donald Duck, a black rapper from NYC who's under witness protection, but who wants to escape WP*

    Lars = me, Kyle = Peter, Grace = Jackson, DJ = Stefano

    *This was Stefano's character. He wasn't really on the same page as us, in terms of what we were trying to do with the game. We just rolled with it.

    The game opens with Grace telling Kyle's dad that they're leaving, and that the pumps have gone dry (they owned a gas station).
    I got to play the husband/dad for that scene, and played him like he'd just been waiting for that hammer to fall for months.
    So, the four of us head out!
    And it gets ugly quickly: Lars calls Janet and explains that he's gone out huntin' for a new place to call home, and Janet threatens divorce unless he comes home ASAP.
    We all stop at a biker bar, where Kyle loses everything in a pool game, and then starts a furious bar fight that we totally thrash the bikers in.
    People may have died. I definitely threw a cue ball at the bartender's face.
    We settle down in a parking lot for the night, and Kyle kisses his stepmom, tells her "shut up" when she almost objects, and then pulls her close and cuddles her.
    Awkwardness the next day!
    Many futures get crossed off!
    I'll skip ahead to the good stuff...
    As Kyle gets carted off in a police car, Grace realizes that she'll never return to her husband, and she'll never keep Kyle safe.
    I walk back out from the convenience store at this point, and say "Alright. Ready to make it the rest of the way to Bourbon, Tennessee?"
    She nods.
    She smiles.
    I jump in the passenger seat, circling my last Future as she crosses off the last of hers.
    We ride into the sunset, with DJ Donald Duck in the back seat.
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