What system for aDark Tower (Steven King) game?

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So I have decided on a setting that I would like to use for a game that will be set in the Dark Tower universe. But, I have not been able to decide on what kind of system. I was thinking Burning Wheel at first, but it would take a lot of converting, Savage Worlds was another option, but I wanted something with a little more of a narrative control mechanics. Fate 3 was also one, but I have had nothing but really bad luck with it. I was also thinking Dogs in the Vineyard, but I have a group of about 6 people. Any ideas?


  • And I meant Stephen King......
  • Dust Devils - in the books everyone has a monkey on his or her back.
  • I have run DT with Dogs to great success though with that many players it might become difficult. The guys over at the Podge Cast have been running a game using Diaspora and the AP sounds like it works well for it. On a side note Burning Wheel really needs a modern setting for it becouse you are right that BW's BITs would really work well for a DT game as well as a LOST game. No time to work on that myself but maybe next year...
  • SAVAGE WORLDS you mean the system that is really DEADLANDS the game that is all about the WIERDWEST and ACTION ADVENTURE AND HORROR STORIS.

    Took me about 2 seconds to put that together and its half the reason why i keep the book.
  • There's a thread here at RPG.net that suggests Diaspora is the way to go. I'm not saying that's a good idea, but someone is.
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    The guys over at the Podgecast are playing a Diaspora Dark Tower game and putting outActual Play episodes (well, 1 so far).
  • I have been listening to some of their stuff.....

    I am just very cautious when it comes to the FUDGE system, everyone I know seems to openly hate it. I am a huge fan of the system though.
  • What period? Like, during the books? Or while they're young punks, out to keep the world from moving on? Cuz, if the latter, Dogs in the Vineyard. It'll be just as gnarly as the comics, which aren't bad.

    For the books, let's see. They're wandering around, they're being shitty travel companions, and shit keeps happening that applies pressure to them as a group. So, there's internal pressure on the group from each other, outside pressure from the world. In a world that's moved on. I guess that sounds like Apocalypse World, though I haven't played it in its current form.

    Dust Devils also makes sense, I think. It might be overly concerned with being murderers, though, and you want a broader variety of characters.

    Oo! Cold City! You'll have to figure out what to do with national agendas. I might suggest that players give them to each other, a la Burdens in carry.

    Yep, that last one is what I'd do.

  • A while ago I wrote a hack for The Mountain Witch called "What the Thunder Said". It's a little bit "The Stand", and a little bit "Dark Tower", with a lot of T.S. Eliot and some Tarot thrown in.

    You can read it here: http://sites.google.com/site/simoncarryer/whatthethundersaid

    It's not quite fully realised there, so you'd need to do a little work to make it into a finished thing, but it might do what you want it to.
  • I've been working on a system for it that's essentially a BW hack. Don't have any clue when it'll be ready though.
  • If I wanted to go full-hog with the complex cosmology and allow players to take the game to whatever direction (as opposed to following the plot and milieu of the novels closely), I'd do this with Solar System, totally. Fits rather well. Actually, that's a good enough idea for me to look into myself, I've been meaning to reread these books at some point, anyway...
  • Oh yeah, that's a thing. I don't like the cosmology, at least when it goes into the world-hopping stuff. When somebody says Dark Tower, I primarily think The Gunslinger and isolated parts of the other books. So my view on what's an appropriate system is by that virtue biased.
  • Dude, modesty and all, I get it...

    But not even a mention of The Rustbelt? 'cause I could see Rustbelt working well for the Dark Tower, from what I know of it.
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