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  • I'll second Lacuna and mention Ghost/Echo because they are both incomplete and in the hands of different groups will play very differently.
  • In the "what were they smoking?" category, UFO Press can boast Weave (travel the world as apprentice tailor-wizards, meet new people, and extract potentially dangerous magical constructs from their highly significant garments and fashion, possibly unraveling a whole society in order to learn spells).

    Lovecraftesque has a commonplace genre (Lovecraft-style horror tales) but a bizarre structure (masterless, with players piling up details and phenomena and drifting from scene to scene until the plot behind it all is improvised on the spot).
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    I love the examples in this thread and I'm glad it has been resurrected! I third Lacuna. I think the weirdest game I've created so far (in both "content" and "form" senses) is "Being Eero", which you can find right here in this forum. Actually one of the weirdest things about it is that you can *only* play it here, in this forum, since it makes even less sense anywhere else. :-)

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    That was definitely one of the stranger ones, Tod! Indeed.
  • Teen Witch is a game for one, solitary player, where you pretend to be a... teen witch. You carry out some rituals and maybe even cast a spell.

    Powered by the Apocalypse World is a remarkable game: is it parody, satire, or a very functional tool for gaming and game creation? In it, you pretend to be PbtA designers working on Apocalypse World hacks.
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    Paul, how could you not name-check Fluffy Bunny here???

    Itras By is surrealism. "Be weird" is part of the mission statement.

    Descent Into Midnight has a pretty weird collection of content and themes -- the creatures and environment are nicely alien. Not as alien as the stuff Sign in Stranger tends to produce, though... :)

    One of the most unique games I've played recently is The Chosen One, which is a sort of comedic/strategic messiah contest. No online presence, alas...
  • I was actually thinking about Fluffy Bunnies... (the ultimate Princess Play game, perhaps?), but I didn't have a link, first, and, second, I'm not sure if it's the most weird indie game or the least weird one.

    Any chance I could talk you into giving us more details on those last two? What makes them weird?
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