Show me the game you want [video edition]

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Ok, I wanted to post this in the image dump thread at first, but then I thought it would be better to start a new one. If you think it's too much, express your dissent.

A couple of rules I thought we should stick to:
*no more than a couple of links per post, if you can help it
*nothing longer than 5 minutes, if you can help it
*if the video contains NSFW or disturbing material, make it explicit in your post
*accompany your link with a few words of explanation

I've wanted a WWI game for ages, but this trailer makes me want to write one right now:
Red Baron movie. Click on 'watch trailer'.
I'm thinking a mixture of Keys and Beliefs, coupled with fast and furious dogfight rules, punishing actual kills while rewarding downed planes...
or what about (at the risk of seriously cheapening the premise) a fantasy version, while armies clash on foot in the mud and shit, while shining dragon knights duel in the crisp air above.


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    I'm going to display my geekery with pride.

    Legend of the Galactic Heroes, a late-80s-through-90s Anime Sci-fi of both epic scale and grandiose drama. Truly, one of the best Space Operas/Military-Thrillers ever put to film.
    It has its moments of kitsch but the unwavering conviction of the characters pulls the series through. Tears are shed; War is terrible.

    Salesmanship aside it wish there was an RPG to go with the setting. It's not that Traveller or Burning Empires couldn't do it, they just wouldn't do it justice.

    Perhaps I love too little too much.
    It's like a really, really awesome history lesson.
    [Edit: Ah, the first video I posted had some harsh 'realities of war' scenes that, while dramatically poignant, would probably turn half of you off the idea altogether. So, here - have a more cool scene.]
  • A Ballroom Tragedy and The Society Raffles, both clearly from the same game about fin de siècle grifters, yeggs, and dance hall rascals.
  • Nobody Knows and Grave of the Fireflies

    This has proved to be such a hard one to do, pushing my design skills in so many directions I'd never even thought about before. Each project I've done over the past while feels like an attempt to develop one or two more techniques towards making this game.
  • The drinking part or the bowling?

    Here's the game I want. Especially if it was more sci-fi.
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    I like hand written journals with sketches in them - I keep one myself - and hand drawn maps. A game where such things are significant, maybe even magical in the setting, would be fun. I also like visually compelling settings, although this is not always easy (nor even desirable in some cases) to convey in an RPG.

    Which explains why I really like this scene from Tarsem Singh's "The Fall". That's Charles Darwin frantically copying the map into his journal, by the way.


    I really like the MS Igloo series from the Gundam continuity, particularly the earlier Principality of Zeon episodes. It's a war story with a lot of high-tech props, but ultimately it's about the people. I'd like to play in a Mechwarrior game with the same kind of spin on it someday.
  • Posted By: JohnstoneThe drinking part or the bowling?
    The haircuts.
  • Mike,

    Ah, Legend of Galactic Heroes. So what aspects are you looking to recreate in a RPG version? I could see it being either mass tactical or high drama narrative - although the former feels like it ought to be a wargame more than a RPG. I suspect expecting to do both will only end in trouble.
  • Man, i struggled to find something good for this thread, but i think i eventually figured out the thing i want. I present to you:

    Ray Tintori's "Death to the Tinman"
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    Ah, Legend of Galactic Heroes. So what aspects are you looking to recreate in a RPG version? I could see it being either mass tactical or high drama narrative - although the former feels like it ought to be a wargame more than a RPG. I suspect expecting to do both will only end in trouble.
    It'd have to be for the high-drama. Always and forever. Really, the settings there - you just have to rig it so 'All ships, fire!' feels portentous enough to engage the players.
    The tactical element could be reduced to as much as players rolling against one another (oh yes, PvP, of course) to establish facts about the battle.

  • Mike,

    I have a campaign-length space opera RPG in playtest right now, and Legend of the Galactic Heroes was one of my influences, Homeworld Project (pdf). Admittedly my default setting is a little weird (Astral Space Opera), but it is focused on literary high drama and my current playtesting shows it works well with huge fleet battles along side individual action, with vignettes and segues.

    It is easy for me to see the beginning of LoGH as a game of Homeworld Project starting with three people: one taking Yang, one taking Reinhard, and one as a GM. What is especially interesting is that Homeworld Project encourages the promotion of new PCs (such as Julian) and for players to take on GMing roles (representing the larger forces in the Galaxy), so the prominence of antagonists and of specific main characters will wax and wane over the course of the game, which seems to fit the series eerily well.

    It's these sort of reasons that I suspect Homeworld Project with a few changes* would make a very good story-focused version of LoGH, as long as you don't worry about precise technological or tactical details.

    - Mendel

    * The most evident is mode, the type of astral being you are, needs to be replaced by something else, possibly just a verb chosen by the player / GM.
  • Augmented (hyper)reality

    Note in this video that the ads the "viewer" is watching are all making him money, it's subtle but a nice touch.
  • Wizards' Duel
    I've not seen a game that deals with magic the same way as fiction does...
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    I LOVE you Roll-Oh!

    Maybe this wouldn't make such a great game? Unless it'd involve some kinda love triangle between housewife, robot, and repairman. Or just me and that sexy, sexy robot.
  • This really is the game I want. So much so, that I've been working on a game using this clip alone as the inspiration for the mood and setting for it. I'm also using it to see if my mechanics are working to create the type of scenes that I want.

    I can't get enough of it. I've watched it a couple dozen times at least and I still totally enjoy it.
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