Spellstorm 2010, TORONTO RPG Con

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Details Here, http://warhorn.net/spellstorm2010/

Gaming Conventions Aside from the generally overcrowded FANEXPO doesn't happen too often in toronto, and the emphasis on Play is refreshing.

The only thing lacking is hordes of indie games for me to play in my slots. This thing is really heavy on the Living FR which is nice, in the idea that it is dnd to play and reaching out and enabling and all that, but aside from some traveler and inconviently slotted Pirate Ninja's of Dino Island, there ain't much.

So toronto folks, go and run something here so I can play it.

Incentive: If at least two other people run something indie/small/unknown/different I will pitch in for a game of something indie/small/unknown/different.



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    Bugger, I'm working both days (February 19-20). Maybe I can swap shifts with somebody at work, take a day to visit my favourite city. I'd have to run something if I did, because there's currently absolutely nothing going on at that con that I'd want to play.

    Which makes me ask myself a question, at what point over the past few years did I become completely bored with Steve Jackson Games? I didn't even notice until now.
  • It doesn't look like I'll be able to get those days off. Ah well.
  • Dang! why did I read that post just now! a month is way not enough time to figure out what to run and to get ready. :( is this Con always around that time? I might try to prepare something for next year...
  • this is only the second year I think
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