Nine Worlds character sheet somewhere?

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So, I convinced a friend of mine to buy Nine Worlds in a store. He wants to download the character sheet, but Matt's site is offline (for totally understandable reasons, not intending to harsh). Does anyone have a copy of the sheet they could email me or a URL to post here?


- Ryan


  • Welcome to teh WAY BACK MACHINE!!!!. There were some holes in the records they had for the site so it took a little trial and error with the links.
  • There's a store that has Nine Worlds? Do they do internet sales?
  • Yeah, I keep hearing about this game, but its impossible to find.
  • Funny, I've been thinking for a while I should ask around here to see if somebody would sell me a copy, or send my the player's kit that isn't online anymore.
    Seth, those links don't bring up any pdfs.
  • I at least seem to have a copy or two for sale yet in the Finnish Arkenstone store. Not that useful for Americans, but we might come to an agreement about shipping charges if somebody in Europe is desperate to get this under-appreciated jewel of a game.
  • I have a PDF of the character sheet. It's not enough to play the game, mind you. Whisper me if you want a copy.

    Seth Ben-Ezra
    Great Wolf
  • That wayback machine archive is ... amusing. But, also outdated.

    Here's a link to the Nine Worlds Players Kit.

    It's actually been up on the new site in the footer, but it is hard to find.
  • Incidentally, this is the second time Nine Worlds has come up by chance this week. It's the prodigal game, apparently. I'm a forgiving father in that case.
  • Matt, you may no longer be interested in small-volume game publishing, but small-volume games are interested in you. :)
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    Thanks, Jason. I'm in the process of testing out a trial run of making Dust Devils available again.

    Making Nine Worlds available again will take longer, but is on the to do list for 2010.
    EDIT: Looking ahead, I'm actively working on a new game, though it's only in the early design stages currently. I have hopes that it will appeal to a wider swath of gamers than, say, Nine Worlds has. But, time will tell.
  • I only picked up Dust Devils quite recently, after hearing about the Ronin variant rules (samurai > cowboys). But I really liked the rules a lot, even without the different flavor, so I've been interested in getting a copy of Nine Worlds.

    I look forward to its impending availability.
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