[Lady Blackbird] Needs your help with new traits & tags

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Go take a look at Lady Blackbird.

See page 10: New Traits & Tags. It says, "More to come in the next version!" but that totally hasn't happened.

Please help me out. Post new traits and tags here so I can fill out the rest of that page and get the final version of the PDF done.



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    Burning Wheels' and Burning Empires' Life Paths would be great inspiration.
  • When I am not so tired I will turn my unholy eyes on this and all will despair.
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    Be warned: it's very late (early?), I'm tired, and these might not be particularly well thought-out.

    Some traits that don't quite seem to be covered by what already exists:

    Search, Deduce, Seduce, Interrogate, Bribe, Coerce, Contacts, Sneak, Fisticuffs, Pistol

    Mad Scientist/Alchemist:
    Acid, Smoke, Electricity, Explosions, Improvisation, Potions, Machines, Tinkering, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Memorization, Recall, Eureka!

    Weasel/Con Man:
    Fast-talk, Fast Hands, Confuse, Misdirection, Hide, Run, Whine & Snivel, Plead

    And some racial traits (for races beyond human and goblin that came up in my game of LB):

    Prehensile Tail, Chameleon, Agile, Quick, Climb, Heightened Awareness, Hold Still, Quiet, Deadpan, Cold-blooded

    Tough, Burly, Extreme Strength, Hot-Tempered, Horns, Bull Rush, Large, Hoof, Surly

    Edit: added suggestions from Ry, below.
  • I'll put up a few soon. This is tres cool.
  • Another race trait that turned up in one of our games (albeit in an NPC)

    TEETH!, gills,intimdating glare, huge bulk, affinity with fish

    from watching too much How I Met Your Mother...

    Key of the Wingman:
    Hit your key whenever you aid [selected character] in some romantic endeavor, with or without [his/her] permission.
  • My Darn Ex-Wife has a bunch of new tags and traits, some of which would be suitable for Lady Blackbird and some of which are less suited.
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    Here's a few from my baseball hack - Making the Bigs:

    All Talk
    Get in His Head, Talk it Up, Herky Jerky Somethin, [What a Maroon], [Steal Signs]

    City Slicker
    Law and Order, Streetwise, Sneak, Haggle, Petty Crime, Quiet, [Distractions], [Connections]

    Student of the Game
    Killer Backstop, Distract the Batter, Call Great Pitches, Read Their Signals, Plodding Runner

    Tale Spinner
    Teacher, That's How They Do it in The Bigs, Drills, War Wounds, I Know a Guy

    Life of the Party
    Fast Talk, Pick-Up Lines, Bar Divination, Charisma, [Casanova], [A Call in Every Port]

    [edit - I posted secrets originally... replaced with traits n tags]
  • Here are a few from Rag'n'Bone:

    Pretty Face - Snappy Dresser, Turning Heads, Come Hither, Winsome, Young Men, Seduction, Graceful, [Other Supernaturals], [Dancing], [Grand Entrance]

    Key of Petulance - You're used to getting your way. Hit your key when things don't go your way and you take it personally. Buyoff: Willingly exercise self-control.

    Key of the Cop - You're the Law, first and foremost. Hit this key when you seek out injustice and crime. Buyoff: Look the other way when someone breaks a rule.
  • Aeromancer
    Wind Whispering, Obscuring Mist, Fog-breathing, Divination, Atmospherics, Aerophone, Navigation, [Levitation], [Folding Space], [Abyss]

    I'm imagining that aerophone somehow lets you use essence as a telegraph line, to communicate to other aeromancers.
  • Great stuff everybody. Keep 'em coming!
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    Some traits&tags I thought of, some with inspiration of someone else's "Mother 9" continuation:

    Small, Agile, Bite, Ratspeak, [Run], [Hide], [Survival], [Forage], [Poison Resistence], [Balance], [Dodge]

    Harden, Make Heavy, [Meld Into Stone], [Petrify], [Immovable], [Mauler], [Move Through Stone], [Shape Rock], [Tough]

    Invisibility, Vacuum, Make Weightless, [Pass Through], [Erase Mind], [Counterspell], [Disintegrate]

    Sedate, Manipulate Dream, [Enter Dream], [Hallucination], [Blind Fighting], [Read Mind]

    Gather Information, Interrogate, Intimidate, [Incognito], [Recognize Blood], [Reflexes], [Authority], [Firefights]

    Tunnels, Strong, Pickaxe, Dim Light, [Hold Breath], [Ores], [Resist Cold]
  • Wow, those are great Claudio! Thanks.
  • I played Vance in Mike's (veritascitor's) game.

    Deadpan, Cold-blooded

    Hoof, Surly
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