[Props] Penny Arcade likes West Marches

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Props to Ben Robbins. Scroll down to see Gabe's post.


  • Hey, if he's playing a West Marches-style game now, maybe with the right pressure, he'll be playing Dogs or Polaris next! What a coup that would be for the story-games "movement" (such as it is), eh?
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    People are reading & enjoying an indie DUNGEONS & DRAGONS campaign!
    The indie movement is totally TAKING OVER!

    (tone of this post: lol, friendly)
  • Basically, if he keeps playing RPGs and reading the internet (& running PAX), he'll come across Dogs in the Vineyard or Burning Wheel, play one, and like it or not. That, at least, is inevitable, if our "if" condition is satisfied.
  • I've just been trying to keep the web server from melting under the traffic.

    West Marches isn't story gamey by any stretch, but I have to say, Gabe has been innovating his game from the start. He's bringing a lot of fresh perspective to ye olde D&D. So in that sense I'd say he's pretty indie already, at least in all the ways that matter.

    (I was going to throw in a "mountain coming to Mohammed" quip, but then I lost track of who Mohammed would be in that metaphor)
  • I have a suspicion that Jerry (Tycho) knows a little something about the indie RPG scene. Not necessarily a lot, but at least something. He's too... He cares a lot about what he likes, and he thinks a lot about what he likes, so it stands to reason that having thought about and probably played a fair amount of RPGs, he'd have come across one game or another from outside the realm of "traditional." Someday, I'll attend PAX and ask him this.

  • Luke is a speaker at PAX East in March. Just sayin'. I'll be there, too.

  • They're aware of Polaris. I think it's not really the game for them, though.
  • Posted By: Ben LehmanThey're aware of Polaris. I think it's not really the game for them, though.
    HGMO will be.
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    I can foresee a future D&D where "West Marches" play is assumed to be the default. I mean, not necessarily, but possibly.
  • Posted By: Ben LehmanThey're aware of Polaris.
    Oh? That's cool. How did they become aware of it? I'm interested because...well, I'm interested in the story of how they became aware of it. :)
  • What is West Marches play?
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    Reading it, it actually seems really interesting. I know that one of my biggest problems with gaming is scheduling, often my own. I'd really love to try a game style like this.
  • I didn't mean to imply that West Marches is particularly story-gamey, but it's definitely moreso than you'd see in any standard D&D adventure. I think a lot of DMs approach their own adventure building in a similar way that module-writers do, which leads to a lot of "string-along-by-the-nose" play at worst, and engaging puzzle-work dungeoncrawls at best. West Marches is a step into a broader world for people who may not otherwise see all the options available in This Hobby of Ours, and you can't get much broader exposure in the geek community than Penny Arcade.

    I don't know that it will CHANGE much, but it might well bring a lot of attention. We might start seeing ads for small-press games in places other than in the back-material of other small-press games.

    Of course, if Luke is speaking at PAX, then maybe different doors are already opening.
    Posted By: Ben LehmanThey're aware of Polaris. I think it's not really the game for them, though.
    It wasn't the game for me, either, until I was ready. I think Polaris needs to be approached at the right speed, at the right time.
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