Atarashi Games Uniform Design Contest Deadline Jan 31st

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Update: Contest deadline changed to Jan 31st!

Contest: Design a school uniform for the student characters of Panty Explosion, Classroom Deathmatch and other Atarashi Games rpgs! We're looking for a single high school uniform we can use in all of our Japanese high school themed games. This is your chance to design an iconic uniform that will be worn by the characters in every Atarashi Games rpg!

You don't have to be a great artist to enter this contest. We're looking for a great design, not necessarily a great drawing. All you need to do is come up with the best school uniform design you can! Use pencils, pens, MSpaint or whatever tools you're comfortable with!

While we're mainly looking for a basic uniform for female students, feel free to include summer and winter variants of the uniform, gym uniforms, school swimsuits and anything else you can think of. And don't forget the boys!

What makes a good uniform?
That's for you to decide! We're looking for something kind of along the lines of the traditional sailor seifuku, but feel free to go nuts and take your design in a different direction! A neo-military look, a semi-futuristic uniform or something a little sexy might look just as good as a really nice traditional design. Remember, we make games about psychics that blow peoples heads up, so don't feel like you can't submit a design that's just completely bat shit insane.

Here are the contest requirements:

- Create a school uniform design!

- Send it as a digital file to Jake Richmond at

- The deadline is Jan 31st, 2010. Get to work!

- Check out the official contest thread and as well as some uniforms I like from different anime, manga and films at!

The prize:

-All submissions will be featured in a special gallery at

-The winning submission will be used in every Japanese high school rpg published by Atarashi Games, including the new versions of Panty Explosion (available later this year) and Classroom Deathmatch!

-The creator of the winning submission will be credited in each Atarashi Games rpg where their design appears, and will receive complimentary copies of those products in both PDF and book form.

- That's it. If we meet in person I'll also buy you a drink and give you a big high-five!

Thanks for participating. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

Jake Richmond

Important Update:
We'll be giving away a copy of the new Panty Explosion PDF (when it's released in May) to everyone who enters the contest!

I meant to mention that in the original contest description, but it looks like it slipped my mind. So let me say it again:

Enter the contest, get a free Panty Explosion PDF!

The contest doesn't end until Jan 31st, so you still have plenty of time to enter!


  • Sweet! Who knew S-G would be a gateway drug to fashion design? Count me in!
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    Can I just nominate Wen-M, one of the key Anima artists?

  • Damn, that's hot. Yeah, something like that maybe.
  • Can one submit more than one design?

  • Posted By: TulpaCan one submit more than one design?
  • I just put up a blog post about the contest and school uniforms in general over at Guy's Geekorner blog. Also, at least one of my artist friends is interested in entering. :3
  • That Wen-M art is great :) I also love the faces, even if they are too perfect, at times, heh.
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    Yeah, the faces are great, but weird. I wonder if he uses photo reference? Not that there's anything wrong with that (I mean, I live in a glass house), but the faces have that very... perfect... look that comes with good use of photo ref.
  • My girlfriend's thinking about designing a uniform.
  • Posted By: joepubMy girlfriend's thinking about designing a uniform.
  • I've updated the contest information above to mention that everyone who enters the contest will get a copy of the new Panty Explosion PDF when it's released in May (or whenever).

  • Oh well FUCK now I want to enter. Damn you! "Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in."
  • We've decided to move the uniform design contest deadline up from Feb 27th to Jan 31st.

    We've gotten some fantastic responses to the contest so far, and we're eager to see the designs that have yet to be entered. We're moving the deadline forward because it looks like we'll be needing a uniform design as soon as possible so we can begin art production for the new edition of Panty Explosion. Also, we really like some of the stuff we've seen so far, so now we're all impatient and ready to go!

    We hope that the Jan 31st deadline (still two weeks away!) will give everyone plenty of time to complete a design.

  • Whew! glad i logged on, got to move that designing up the priority queue!

    glad you've gotten stuff you're stoked on!
  • Posted By: jackson teguWhew! glad i logged on, got to move that designing up the priority queue!

    glad you've gotten stuff you're stoked on!
    Yeah, I'm super into it right now. Like, I literally can't wait to get started on the finished art. I've been doing the layouts for the comic pages for PE since New year, and I've gotten to the point where I need the uniform design sooner then I expected.
  • Reminder: Make sure your designs are submitted by midnight on Sunday, January 31st!
  • Reminder bump: Sunday is the last day for the Uniform Design Contest. Get your designs in by midnight!
  • I'd forgotten just how miserable Bokurano was until I was sifting through it for a uniform to steal inspiration...
  • Pools closed.

    Matt and I will be choosing a winner tomorrow afternoon. If you still have a design you'd like to enter and you can get it to me before that, we'll probably consider it.

    We'll be announcing a winner asap.

    Thanks everyone!
  • How many entrants were there?
  • Posted By: Thunder_GodHow many entrants were there?
    We had 6 entrants, and 11 designs.

    We've announced the winner. You can see it and all the entrants here.
  • And an excellent choice you made, good sir.
    I'm glad that there will be excellent outfits for your young ladies and gentlemen for the years ahead.
    Three cheers for Atarashi Academy!
  • Fuck that uniform is hot. Fuck fuck fuck.
  • Very nice. Congrats to the winner.

    Jackson, I love your photos.
  • Thanks, John!

    I commented to a friend of mine that setting up those sheets (loosely and perhaps ineffectively using the Golden Mean, i might add)
    made me feel like a certain friend of mine up in Seattle whom i once watched laying out style sheets on very, very little sleep.

    It was a wonderfully fun shoot; i daresay i'll bring more lighting options so we won't have to shoot against the bookshelf next time.
    ah well!
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